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6 Stories That Will Make You Believe In the Power of Your Mind To Heal You

My book Mind Over Medicine is full of data scientifically proving that the mind can heal- or harm- the body. But data can be dry, and sometimes what resonates most deeply within our souls are stories. So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and let’s have story time. I’m going to tell you a few true stories that will demonstrate to you how powerfully the mind affects your physiology.

Mr. Wright

As reported by Bruno Klopfer in the Journal of Projective Techniques in 1957, Dr. West was treating Mr. Wright, who had an advanced cancer called lymphosarcoma. All treatments had failed, and time was running out. Mr. Wright’s neck, chest, abdomen, armpits, and groin were filled with tumors the size of oranges, his spleen and liver were enlarged, and his cancer was causing his chest to fill up with two quarts of milky fluid every day, which had to be drained in order for him to breathe. Dr. West didn’t expect him to last a week.

But Mr. Wright desperately wanted to live, and he hung his hope on a promising new drug called Krebiozen. He begged his doctor to treat him with the new drug, but the drug was only being offered in clinical trials to people who were believed to have at least three months left to live. Mr. Wright was too sick to qualify.

But Mr. Wright didn’t give up. Knowing the drug existed and believing the drug would be his miracle cure, he pestered his doc until Dr. West reluctantly gave in and injected him with Krebiozen on a Friday.

To his utter shock, the following Monday, Dr. West found his patient walking around out of bed. Mr. Wright’s “tumor masses had melted like snowballs on a hot stove” and were half their original size. Ten days after the first dose of Krebiozen, Mr. Wright left the hospital, apparently cancer free.

Mr. Wright was rockin’ and rollin,’ praising Krebiozen as a miracle drug for two months until the scientific literature began reporting that Krebiozen didn’t seem to be effective. Mr. Wright, who trusted what he read in the literature, fell into a deep depression, and his cancer came back.

This time, Dr. West, who genuinely wanted to help save his patient, decided to get sneaky. He told Mr. Wright—that some of the initial supplies of the drug had deteriorated during shipping, making them less effective, but that he scored a new batch of highly concentrated, ultra-pure Krebiozen, which he could give him. (Of course, this was a bold-faced lie.)

Dr. West then injected Mr. Wright with nothing but distilled water. And a seemingly miraculous thing happened—again. The tumors melted away, the fluid in his chest disappeared, and Mr. Wright was feeling great again for another two months.

Then the American Medical Association blew it by announcing that a nationwide study of Krebiozen proved that the drug was utterly worthless. This time, Mr. Wright lost all faith in his treatment. His cancer came right back, and he died two days later.

The Hexed Girls

As described by George Engel in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Baltimore Case Study Number 469861 was an African American woman born twenty-two years earlier on Friday the 13th in the Okefenokee Swamp near the Georgia-Florida border. She was the third of three girls delivered that day by a midwife who proclaimed that all three girls, born on such a fateful day, were hexed. The first, she announced, would die before her 16th birthday.  The second would not survive her 21st. And the patient in question was told she would die before her 23rd birthday.

The first two girls died within one day of their 16th and 21st birthdays, respectively. The third woman, terrified that she would die on her 23rd birthday, showed up at the hospital the day before her birthday, hyperventilating.  Soon afterwards, before she turned 23, she died, proving the midwife’s predictions correct.

The Blind Women of Khmer Rouge

As described in Anne Harrington’s The Cure Within, two hundred cases of blindness were reported in a group of Cambodian women forced by the Khmer Rouge to witness the torture and slaughter of those close to them, particularly the men in their lives. Examination of these women found nothing physically wrong with their eyes. The conclusion those trying to help them came to was that by being forced to view the unbearable, “they had all cried until they could not see.”

Multiple Personalities With Different Health Issues

Anthony Robbin’s Unlimited Power describes a case of a psychiatric patient with a split personality. One of her personalities was diabetic, while another was not. Her blood sugars would be normal when she was in her non-diabetic personality, but then when she shifted into her diabetic alter ego, her blood sugars rose, and all medical evidence demonstrated that she was diabetic. When her personality flipped back to the non-diabetic counterpart, her blood sugars normalized.

Psychiatrist Bennett Braun, author of The Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder, describes the case of Timmy, who also had multiple personalities. One personality was allergic to orange juice, and when this personality drank orange juice, Timmy would break into blistering hives. However, another personality drinks orange juice uneventfully. If the allergic personality was in the midst of an allergy attack and he shifted back to the non-allergic personality, the hives would disappear instantly.

Stamatis Moraitis

Stamatis Moraitis was a Greek war veteran who was living in the United States when he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and told he had only 9 months to live. He was offered aggressive treatment, but after 9 doctors apparently assured him that it wouldn’t save his life, he decided to save his money, decline treatment, and move with his wife back to his native Ikaria, a Greek island where he could be buried with his ancestors in a graveyard overlooking the Aegean Sea.

He and his wife moved into a small house on a vineyard with his elderly parents, where he reconnected with his faith and started going to his old church. When his friends got wind of the fact that Stamatis was back home, they showed up with bottles of wine, books, and board games to entertain him and keep him company. He planted vegetables in a garden, basked in sunshine, savored the salty air, and relished in his love for his wife.

Six months passed, and not only did he not die, he was actually feeling better than ever. He started working in the untended vineyard during the day, making himself useful, and in the evenings, he’d play dominos with friends. He took a lot of naps, rarely looked at a watch, and spent a lot of time outdoors. At one point, 25 years after his diagnosis, Stamatis went back to the United States to ask his doctors what had happened. Apparently, the doctors were all dead. Stamatis finally died this year in Ikaria. He was 102 years old.

Anita Moorjani

In her book Dying To Be Me, Anita Moorjani tells the story of how she was dying of end stage Stage 4 lymphoma when she experienced the classic “white light” near death experience many have described. As she traveled to the other side, she was able to look down upon her loved ones, even though some of them were not in the same room with her. Her heart was filled with a feeling of profound unconditional love, and she was happy to be free of her dying, tumor-riddled body.

Then she was told that she had a choice. She could stay in the white light and die, or she could go back and share her story with others. She didn’t want to come back. Her body had been in so much pain, and her soul had been suffering. But she was told that if she came back, her cancer would be cured. She believed what she was told, and felt called to come back so she could share her experience.

Anita’s cancer was gone within several weeks. This all happened under the care of her bewildered doctors, who documented her spontaneous remission. Anita is now on the Hay House speaking circuit with me, spreading the message that death is nothing to fear.

Have Your Heard Stories?

When we doubt the mind’s power to help – or harm – the body, it helps to share stories. Have you had a personal experience with the mind’s power to affect the body? Share your story!


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Author: Lissa Rankin / Wake up World


One New Year’s Resolution That Can Transform Your Life – Forever!

We create New Year’s Resolutions as a way to start over and maybe even create a whole new us, but often, those promising resolutions fail before they ever really begin. Perhaps, we are just making the wrong resolutions.

What if there was one New Year’s Resolution that had the inherent ability to completely transform our lives? Instead of changing or improving something, what if we went to the core of all issues and weresolved it once and for all? What if you could reclaim your full connection to Who You Really Are?

Most of us operate in a perpetual state of disconnection to who we really are: aka higher self, source self, true self or whatever you may call it. Many of the challenges and issues in our lives could beresolved by simply getting connected and staying connected. Of course, we wouldn’t be alive if we weren’t connected at some level, but there is a big difference between minimal connection and full connection. When we are fully connected, we are aligned with something greater than us, and we are in sync with the natural rhythm of the universe.

When you are connected to the source of who you really are, you know it, because life flows with ease and grace. You can create what you desire, and you are joyful, peaceful and abundant. Everything in your life is a direct result of being connected or not connected. When you set your intention on getting connected first and foremost, you will also align with the realization of other resolutions that you may desire.

The less connected you are, the harder it is for the universe to answer your hopes, dreams and prayers – not because you are less deserving. You are always deserving, but rather because you are not plugged in and the energy cannot flow – therefore what you desire cannot manifest in your life. Manifestation is the flow from thought to thing. The more connected you are, the easier thoughts can flow into things. In other words, the easier and quicker the universe can deliver your dream.

You have innate control of this connection – you are the captain of your ship and you can consciously make choices, on a moment to moment basis, that either connect or disconnect you.

If your resolution is to connect to who you really are, this is not a one-time thing. You must intentionally make this connection every day, until you reach an energetic and emotional threshold where that connection clicks for good. It does take effort, but once you fully connect, it is easy to stay connected and, in fact, life becomes effortless. This is what we have all been seeking.

The key to this resolution is to make your connection to your Real Self the most important aspect of every day, and to make your relationship with your Real Self the most important relationship that you have – because it is.

It is extremely beneficial to have a practice, such as breath-work, meditation or yoga, that helps connect you to your source-self, but this article is not about that; I will leave your personal practice up to you. This article is a step by step guide that will show you how to wake up, get connected and stay connected in real, every day, life.

If you haven’t been living a connected life, at first it may feel uncomfortable or challenging to get connected, but that is only because you are not accustomed to it, but keep going. After a while, disconnection from who you really are will be so obvious and uncomfortable that you will stop everything in order to get connected.

When you do feel dis-connected, pause what you are doing, and partake in whatever is necessary in order to get reconnected. A common excuse is, “I don’t have time,” but that is like saying I don’t have time to find my car keys so I will walk thirty miles to work. Your connection to who you really are is the key to your full awakening, and creating the life that you dream, desire and deserve. Nothing is more important.

Symptoms of disconnection include: fear, stress, overwhelm, worry, feeling unloved, unworthy, alone, and basically any emotion that feels uncomfortable. Signs that you are connected include: feeling exhilarated, creative, joyful, engaged, enthusiastic, peaceful, loving, and feeling really good for no external reason at all.

Your New Year’s Resolution Program

Connecting to who you really are does not happen overnight. Despite what we may hope and believe, spontaneous awakening is not the norm. Waking up and getting connected requires consistent intention and attention over a period of time. To support you best, I have created a 12 part guide, with each section providing an essential key that will help you get connected and stay connected.

On the path to connecting with your Real Self there is no failure – so just do your best, and remember each day is a new day, and you have unlimited “do overs.” Above all, be kind to yourself, as you use this guide to support your journey to awakening to Who You Really Are!

1. Master Your Mind

Your greatest resource is not time, money or investments. Your greatest resource is your energy. Not just the energy necessary to get through the day, but rather the vibrational energy that makes you who you are. The universe in which we live is one of vibration, and vibration is also what creates each of us.

Your vibrational energy always measures somewhere on a scale between high and low. On the low end of the scale, one is down or depressed. On the high end of the scale, one is radiant – life shines brilliantly through the one whose vibration is high. There is a direct correlation between your vibration and how connected you are. When you are disconnected, your vibration is low, while the more connected you are, the higher your vibration. Intentionally raising your vibration is a powerful way in which to get connected, so this is where we will start on your journey to being who you really are.

Thought is key.

If we were to reverse engineer human vibration, we would observe that our vibration is effected by our emotions, and our emotions are precipitated by our thoughts. Therefore, we can say that thoughts influence vibration. This is great news, because our thoughts are really the only thing that we have any control over. Since you cannot think negative thoughts and have a positive vibration, the first call to action is mastering your mind.

Your thoughts and imagination are priceless technology and you are meant to be the controller, but if you don’t take intentional command of this internal technology it is easy for outside sources to take over. Reclaiming your mental powers might be new to you, so don’t get discouraged if it feels like your mind has a mind of its own or your thinking is like a runaway train.

It does take time and practice to master your mind, but there is nothing in the world of greater value in order to raise your vibe and get connected. You cannot expect anything in your life to change or improve until you claim the most important power that you have – your power to think and your discernment in what thoughts to believe and give energy to through your attention.

Resolving to change negative thinking can be overwhelming, but you don’t need to change all your thinking at once in order to experience a shift. Simply, begin by eliminating “that one negative thought” – you know the thought. It is the repetitive negative thought that you think every day. The one that brings you down and makes you feel bad. Be careful not to replace this one thought with an equally debilitating thought. Once you have mastered this one thought, move on to negative thought number two, and so on….

Maybe there is a series of negative thoughts that you can group together and choose to eliminate, for example, judgmental thoughts. Because judgment excludes, rejects and pushes away, it is a quick method for disconnection. Sometimes we use judgment to motivate ourselves or others, but it is ineffective because it actually de-motivates – you cannot be motivated when you are not connected.

The way to release judgment and most negative thinking is simply allowing yourself to be who you are, exactly as you are now, and allowing others to be who they are. You don’t have to accept anything about anyone, simply allow, and see what happens. As you simply watch your thoughts, you become the Watcher of Thought – a non-judgmental observer who is closely aligned with your higher self. In this way, you can begin to unmask the ego.

Remember, thoughts are not things until you believe them. It is up to you to believe thoughts that support you and release thoughts that keep you asleep.

Don’t under estimate the Power of Positive Intention. For example, practicing gratitude automatically shifts your thoughts in such a way that your vibration naturally rises, and you become connected. Just as judgment quickly disconnects you from your Self, gratitude is a powerful path to connection.

It is very helpful to notice what thoughts make you feel connected and what thoughts immediately disconnect you. If you can track your thoughts and understand the direct relationship between thoughts and connection, you have gained an immense power that will allow you to become master of your mind – which is exactly the way the Real You intended it to be.

2. Free Yourself

Your connection to who you really are is intrinsic and guaranteed. There is really nothing to do in order to connect. In fact, the real secret to connection is undoing all the things, thoughts, stories and beliefs that have disconnected you because they are out of alignment with who you really are. In order to reclaim your connection you must free yourself and everything that has interfered with that connection.

Freeing yourself means Letting Go.

Letting go is an unraveling process, and you can begin anywhere in your life. You can practice letting go of things that no longer serve you. You can let go of relationships that no longer support you. Or, you can let go of everything – every day. Letting go does not mean that you must go off and live in the woods; in fact, you don’t necessarily have to give away anything when you let go. In letting go, you are letting go of attachment – to anything that has imprisoned you, in any way.

If you are honest with yourself, you already know what needs to be released.

For years, I went through a process of mentally letting go of everything in my life, including my cherished children and even my life’s purpose, but in letting go, all my relationships improved and my life took on a greater clarity. In letting go, I freed myself energetically and emotionally, and as a result, I got plugged in to a higher way of living and relating to others – and even myself.

We are not meant to grasp onto life. Life is meant to be lived through us, and the only way that can happen is if we let go. Letting go is not giving up. Just the opposite. When you let go, that which you truly desire can come to you in the best possible way.  So, don’t be afraid to let go. In letting go, you automatically connect to your true self and then everything good can flow to you in ways that you never could have imagined. Letting go is magic. Yes, it takes practice but you can do it.

When you completely let go, you are instantly connected. Try this for even five minutes a day. Let go of everything and see what happens.

3. Be True to Your Self

If you are trying to be someone other than who you are, you immediately disconnect from who you really are. The more your false self operates in your life, the more disconnected you become, and the lower your vibration.

You are a special and unique being in this world and you are meant to express your style and creativity. The more you allow yourself authentic expression, the more connected you are and the higher your vibration. This is the year to be yourself and create what you truly want to create.

Now is the time to use your voice. You cannot be your greatest or truest self without speaking your truth. When we stay closed and hide our truth, we cut ourselves off from evolving and becoming who we really are, while resolving to speak your truth gives you the ability to shine and teach others how to shine as well.

In order to connect to yourself, it is essential that you become Self-full. Most of us have been brainwashed to believe that putting yourself first makes you selfish, but this is furthest from the truth. When you put everyone before you, you become depleted and have little to give. When you resolve to put yourself first, you become someone who takes care of themselves to such a high regard that you have an abundance of love, clarity and energy for everyone else.

Don’t forget to have fun! A huge part of being yourself is having fun and doing things that make you feel good. In feeling good, you get connected because who you really are is joyful; so every time you reach for joy, you reach for your true self. What is that one thing that makes you feel connected more than anything else? For me, it is skiing deep, fresh powder through the trees. Sounds crazy, maybe, but this is where I “lose myself” and I get plugged into my Self. What is it for you? Walking in nature, music, dancing, tennis, sky diving, gardening – whatever it is, do your best to make it a regular practice because it is an essential shortcut to your connection.

There will come a time – once you become completely connected, you will become blissfully Self-Less. In becoming Self-less, all your needs and desires are fulfilled and you can put everyone first without compromising or sacrificing yourself in anyway. The path to getting there is through being Self Full, for as long as it takes. Now, you have some leverage to truly take care of yourself.

4. Open Your Heart to Receive

When we close our hearts, we disconnect from who we really are, and the more we open our hearts the more connected we become – the more love flows to and from us, and the higher our vibration.

Our first defense in protecting ourselves from real or imagined threats is often closing our hearts, but staying closed to the world is exhausting and counter-productive because it cuts off the energetic flow of who we really are. Yes, you do become vulnerable when you open your heart, but you also become strong and powerful – and most importantly, you stay connected.

It is not possible to authentically give or receive when our hearts are closed. Only through an open heart can we give unconditionally and without attachment, or needing something emotional in return. Often it is easier to give than receive because we must be even more open and vulnerable in order to fully receive. We are talking about receiving from others, as well as, receiving from the universe. Of course, the universe gives to us through the channel of those in our lives, so, if you cannot openly receive from others, you are also not receiving the good that you seek from the universe.

When your heart is closed, your flow is blocked, and you may experience overwhelm, exhaustion, resentment, and even prosperity issues in all areas of your life. By learning to receive, you allow yourself to get back into the flow of the universe which is always in a perfect cycle of giving and receiving.

This is the time to practice opening your heart to receiving. Notice all the places in your life that the abundant and loving universe is giving to you – and really accept these gifts. The more you can receive the more Life has to give.

Don’t worry so much about the giving part initially. Giving happens organically from an emotional state of self-fullness. When we are full, we overflow with the desire and means to give abundantly to the world. The problem has been that we have been taught to give before we have anything to give. If you are in need, and you give, you create more need for yourself – because you become depleted.

The key to giving is first receiving by plugging into the infinite flow of the universe.

Close your eyes, breathe, and imagine the energy of light flowing from the Infinite through the crown of your head and filling your whole body, and every cell in your body – with pure love.

5. Own Your Worth

Who you really are is unconditionally worthy, so as soon as you question, or try to prove your worth, you disconnect from your Self.

The world cannot, and will not, give you worth, because worth cannot be given. In fact, the search to prove your worth disconnects you from your intrinsic worth. I won’t get into all the reasons why most of us go through life feeling unworthy. It is enough to say that life programs us in this way, and that programming causes us to stay asleep and disconnected, but that program can be turned off, with your intention to do so.

You cannot be connected and question your worth at the same time.

Owning your worth is much simpler than it sounds, because there is really nothing to do. In fact, it just requires that you stop chasing the elusive carrot on the stick, by taking a permanent break from seeking worthiness. Claiming your worth is an undoing process, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but you can “un-do it” and the reward is great.

First, notice all the ways in life that you might be trying to prove your worth. Just notice them – without judging yourself. Self-judgment is another way we disconnect ourselves, so skip the self-judgment and just observe.

The next step is beginning to dis-entangle your identity and your life from issues of worth. You dis-entangle by taking your energy and attention away from it – and releasing all the stories you tell yourself about your worth. Giving energy to worthiness feeds and perpetuates the issue.

Remove your energy from worthiness and unworthiness loses power and dissolves.

The bottom-line is unworthiness is an illusion, therefore, trying to prove worth is living a lie. We have been trying to heal feelings of unworthiness by “being more and doing more,” but you don’t overcome the lie by trying to fix the lie. You overcome the lie (illusion) by withdrawing your energy.

You resolve the issue of unworthiness by turning your back on it – over and over again, for as many times as it takes, until it is gone forever.

We are talking about emotionally detoxing from unworthiness, and ending the cycle of “not enough.” We are talking about releasing yourself from an imaginary prison that has probably effected your whole life. The thing is, no one is keeping you in this prison, and only you have the keys to open the door and the needed courage to step out.

Knowing and owning your unconditional worth as a powerful and special being in the universe plugs you in, and aligns you with a high vibration. When you are no longer pursuing paths or people in order to feel good about your-self, you become empowered and connected. You also become free to live your life as the Real You intended to live.

Imagine how your life will change from a state of Knowing Your Intrinsic Worth.

6. Claim Your Power

There is a direct correlation between owning your power and your connection to who you really are. The more you own your power, the more connected you are. When you give your power away through self-sacrifice, not speaking your truth, putting yourself last, doing one thing in order to get another, not following your inner guidance, hiding behind others or repressing or diminishing yourself in any way, you immediately disconnect.

A huge clue to understanding where you give your power away is to notice where you give your energy away and where you become emotionally drained. The places in your life where you feel as if you are losing energy, are likely the same places where you are giving away your power. Is it in a relationship, work situation, organization, etc…? Maybe you own your power in some situations or relationships but not in others. You give your power away anytime you believe that someone has something that you need, and you alter your behavior in such a way that you compromise your integrity. If you could “get out of your own way,” your intrinsic power would flow to you – and through you.

You get out of your own way by “not doing” all the things you do that stop the flow of this infinite power. This power naturally flows until we do something that impedes the flow. Your thoughts, beliefs and actions are so powerful that they have the ability to cut you off from this immense Power Source. That should show you how powerful you really are; you have the power to stop the flow of the universe in your body and in your life!

If you listen, your inner voice will tell you exactly where you are not standing in your power and being true to yourself. This time is dedicated to listening to that all-knowing voice and taking inspired action in your life that allows you to reclaim your power, thereby connecting to who you really are.

Above all, do not give your power away in exchange for anything, including love, approval and rewards, or to avoid conflict. When you give your power away, you disconnect and nothing and no one is worth the loss of connection to who you really are.

7. Power of Choice

You cannot be awake and stay connected without exercising your power of choice. Your power to choose is your power to consciously create your life. When we don’t consciously choose, life chooses for us and we allow the world to keep us asleep.

Being awake and connected to who you really are means that you must make conscious choices in your life. This can be as simple as choosing what thoughts to believe. When you remember that no one can control what thoughts you think, and what thoughts you believe, your power to choose exponentially expands.

When you make conscious choices, through your thoughts, intentions and inspired actions, your life responds accordingly and you become aligned with not only who you really are, but also with your highest and best possible destiny.

The Power of Choice has two “secret weapons” – the power to say yes and the power to say no.

The Power of No!
Giving yourself permission to say no allows you to set boundaries in your life – to do what you want to do and not do what you do not want to do. The choice to say no allows you stay in alignment, and in integrity, with who you really are. When you fail to say no, when you really want to, you immediately disconnect from your Self, and your vibration lowers. This is why if feels so bad when we don’t follow that inner guidance.

The Power of Yes!
Virtually everything you desire that you don’t already have exists outside your comfort zone. Saying “Yes” allows you to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. As you follow your inner guidance by saying yes, you might experience some discomfort at first, but as you follow the lead of your higher self, you will become more connected to yourself and to life.

Every choice should be prefaced with the question, “Will this disconnect me or connect me?”

If your number one intention is to be connected, your choices become crystal clear.

8. Give Yourself Time

Imagine a life where you have more than enough time. Here is a real-life magic trick; when you slow down and get off the adrenaline roller coaster, you will discover that everything still gets done and maybe even gets done better. We think that time is the same for everyone, all the time, but this is an illusion. Time morphs according to our thoughts and feelings at any given moment.

When you slow down, life slows down.

Because life responds to your lead, you must give to life what you want in return. A rushed life is a mirror for rushed energy. If you want more time, you must align with a feeling of having “all the time in the world.” This might also mean that you stop measuring your life by ticking years, and you consciously choose to become Ageless.

The key to creating more time is being present in the moment.

When you are present, you are connected. It is impossible to have one without the other. A quick fix to getting connected at any moment is to become present. Stop what you are doing. Take a deep breath. See, hear, smell, taste, feel – drop into now. Being present is an extreme sensory experience. When you are present, sight improves, hearing heightens, taste is delicious and your sense of touch and being touched is sensational.  Presence precipitates bliss, peace and even ecstasy.

9. Inner Guidance System

How you feel at any given moment is your inner guidance system communicating with you. Everyone has an inner guidance system (intuition, gut feeling, sense of knowing), but many of us have been “trained” not to listen, but that training has taken us away from one of the most important gifts that we have. Your Inner guidance system is like your telephone to who you really are. If you want to be connected, then you must use this “phone system” on a daily basis.

Your inner guidance system speaks to you through emotional energy.

Because who you really are is joyful, moving in the emotional direction of joy moves you closer to connecting to your Real Self. If you are in emotional pain, in any way, it is an indication that you are thinking thoughts that are not aligned with thoughts that your Real Self would think, and the pain you feel is a result of disconnection. It is also that pain that will eventually cause you to let go of the lower vibration thoughts that create separation – and eventually you will move toward feeling better. This is your Real Self navigating you by means of your inner guidance system.

Often we come to crossroads in life and we don’t know which way to turn, but your inner guidance system does and it will guide you through the form of tangible energy; if you follow this energy you will always be guided. In other words, when we are meant to take inspired action or move in a certain direction, we have the physical energy to do so, because the flow of the universe connects with us and through us to give us tangible energy. You can even imagine different choices and feel if you have the energy or not, before ever taking action. If you lack energy to move in a certain direction, listen to this insight.

Forcing yourself to do something when it doesn’t feel right immediately disconnects you, while listening to that wise inner voice, strengthens your connection to who you really are.

Your inner guidance system will tell you when you are connected and when you are not. Just pay attention to your feelings, and if you are not connected, ask yourself how to get connected, or what you need to “stop doing” in order to get connected. The more you listen, the stronger your intuitive voice will become.

In order to hear your voice, quiet down and be still. You cannot hear your voice in the midst of outward chaos or inward chatter. It is in your highest interest to spend time every day with the intention of listening to your Wise Self.

10. Master Your Emotions

Our emotions drive us and they are directly responsible for our vibration, and therefore, whether or not we are connected.

There are two primary elements to mastering your emotions. The first is meeting your own emotional needs and the second is owning your emotional reactions.

Give to yourself what you have been seeking from others:

Do you desire acceptance, understanding, appreciation, compassion? Whatever it is, give it to yourself. If you need others to meet your emotional needs, you give your power away, and you disconnect from who you really. Being emotionally needy lowers your vibration – this is why it feels so bad, and rarely even works. How can the universe meet your emotional needs, if you are vibrating at a low level where the high vibration of love cannot easily flow? Ask yourself, what emotional need am I lacking? If it is appreciation, for example, set your intention to appreciate yourself, and take inspired action that supports self-appreciation. You might also want to give appreciation to others as well – the more you give something away, the easier it can come back to you.

Give up emotional addictions:

What is your most common reaction when things go wrong? Frustration, impatience, guilt, regret, etc…? What you may not realize is that when we develop emotional patterns of reacting certain ways, we become magnets for situations that cause us to react those ways. First determine your emotional addiction and then make the choice not to react in this way despite provocation. At first, you may still experience situations that provoke the addicted reaction, but after days or weeks, you will have broken the emotional addiction and life will respond by no longer irking you in that same way.

Here is a challenge: Instead of responding with your personal emotional addiction when things go wrong, what would happen if you responded with the emotion that fulfills your emotional need. For example, if your addiction is frustration and your emotional need is understanding, instead of getting frustrated when things go wrong, you respond with understanding.

Finally, the Magic of Love is always available to you. By choosing love, you immediately connect because who you really are is love. The more you give love, the more life will love you in return. If you only do one thing this year, let it be to Practice Love.

11. Pay Attention to Life

What is fundamentally you is not separate from the outside world. You are everything. You are the whole universe – every flower, every molecule, all the good and all the bad. You are not just a temporary extension of life, you are the infinite expression of life itself. Believing that we are separate from life alienates us from the very life that we are. Waking up to who you really are, means waking up to life – your life.

Many of us go through life asking for what we desire, and this is fine, but do we ever stop to ask, “What is life asking of me?” Did you know that life is speaking directly to you every hour of every day, but most of us are oblivious to this two way conversation?

Often, we want to know what is in our subconscious minds, but there is no mystery to this, because your subconscious mind is constantly and accurately projecting itself out onto the screen of your life. The key is to pay attention to your life. What would happen if you resolved to pay attention to your life?

When you drop your rationalizations and justifications for who you are, or for life being the way it is, what is your life telling you? Who is life asking you to become?

By paying attention to your life, you have the power to receive valuable information – making your life the best it can be. The more connected you are to life, the more connected you are period.

Take time to really listen. Imagine that life has a voice – what is life saying to you now?

12. Take 100% Responsibility

Waking up also means that you focus on the areas of your life where you are not conscious – and you become conscious. The issues in your life are presented to you in order to direct your attention in such a way that you do wake up. Pain and discomfort are powerful wake up calls. The problems in our personal lives and in the world are intrinsically designed to awaken us. That is the point

It is not enough to just pay attention to your life, in order to be fully connected, you must also be 100 % responsible for your life.

Every time we blame someone or something for our issues or problems, we not only give our power away, we become disconnected from who we really are.  In order to stay connected, you must be responsible for your life, and everything in it.

The final key to connection is claiming responsibility – your full ability to respond to life.

When you completely own your power, you take responsibility for everything in your experience; this includes everything that directly happens in your life, as well as everything that you are even conscious of in the world. Nothing is happening outside of you; everyone and everything is a reflection of you. This means that there is no blaming others for doing or not doing things – without blaming the world, anger, frustration and a host of other disconnecting/low vibration emotions are no longer provoked.

If something is not working in your life, you must look inside yourself to find the corresponding “inner cause” of outer-trouble, and shift it. From a higher state of consciousness, you find the dis-harmony in yourself and you harmonize it.

Even though you are responsible for your experience of reality, you are not responsible for others. This means that you allow others to be exactly as they are – without trying to fix or change anyone for any reason.

The key to effective self-responsibility is to shift yourself in such a way that the outside world responds accordingly and ultimately becomes more harmonious. You do this by mastering your thoughts and emotions, letting go of negativity, expressing yourself, being at choice in your mind and in your actions, listening to your inner guidance, and always responding from a place of intrinsic power. This is your dynamic recipe for getting connected, being connected and staying connected.

Happy New Year!

As you live your life from the state of wholeness, you gain an abundance of everything truly important in life – that abundance naturally overflows, so that you have enormous gifts to contribute. But of all the gifts the greatest one is showing others, through example, how to connect with who they really are. This is your most sacred purpose.

You make the biggest difference in the world when you live from the exalted state of True Selfhood, and you cherish, nurture and honor this state, above all else. This is what it means to be the change you wish to see in the world!


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Author: Nanice Ellis / Wake up World

The Art of Life – Creating Through Chaos

There is an art to life and living, if we learn how to live it from the inside out instead of from the outside in. It requires the willingness to open our minds and hearts to our own unique, creative gifts. But, more importantly, it allows us the freedom to see through the matrix of boxes and squares and detach ourselves from controlled illusion of our reality. Then, looking from the inside out, we find that the reality of creation is actually beautifully chaotic.

Down The Rabbit Hole

As human Beings, we can become attached to all kinds of ideas of what we think we need to be happy – comfort, security, career, social circles. But when we look deep within ourselves, we realize these needs are mostly of a material and external nature. Although they can be alluring, the happiness we find in these attachments and identifications is usually temporary, as they reflect our relationship to the chaotic outside world, not our personal, peaceful inner world. Of course, when our happiness depends on conditions outside ourselves and our control, we search for completion from the outside in. Then, when those external conditions are taken away, so too is our sense of peace and fulfilment. We have lost control over our emotional being.

But everything is upside down in this beautifully chaotic rabbit hole. In our attempt to find happiness in the outside world, we often perceive external chaos as our lives “falling apart”, when really, circumstances are just starting to come together in our lives in ways we can’t comprehend.

There’s terms for this state of being and several come to mind – rock bottom, crisis, despair, and/or finding the Spirit within (a process that will crack you wide open, but that’s another article in itself). In these times, whether we can see it or not, our external attachments and identifications are stripped from us, and it is only within ourselves that we can create comfort in the chaos.

The Life Force

What we learn about love is backwards. We are raised believing we must search for love outside ourselves, find someone to love us, and find someone to love. We learn that we are alone, incomplete and loveless without the love of another.

In reality, we ARE love, in its purest form. But we are conditioned to feel separated from that true nature of love, valuing only the love we receive from outside ourselves. This leaves us open to fear, as we believe that love itself can be taken away.

Love and hate (fear) are like oil and water, so when they interact on an energetic and emotional level we often find chaos in the polarity – an allergic reaction if you will. Our loving nature and our fearful conditioning can’t co-exist. Something has to give. And in that dark and confusing place, we find rock bottom; the inky black energy of the aether, where our training and our truth collide. But, it’s also the place where we find our greatest opportunity – the creative “spark” to light our way out of the dark.

Even in our darkest and most painful times, we always have that opportunity; that choice. It’s harder to make that choice when we are in an emotional state of change because change can feel like we’re losing something, and in uncertainty, we fear what may yet be. But as we shed our external attachments, the way forward – that creative spark – can only be found in the emotion of the moment, right now, not in feelings of loss (past) or fear (future). The only way out is through.

As the old makes room for the new, our overwhelming emotions can sometimes make us feel like we can’t go on. Fear, loss and grief are all common. But what we’re feeling in those rock-bottom moments is actually the stale old toxic energy dying, not our life force! It’s no vacation, but at the end of it, we are left with new circumstances, new energy, a new perspective. On a micro level, these old energy patterns are being felt and released by individuals, while on a macro level, humanity is currently reflecting the same process — we’re at rock-bottom, feeling the chaos of this energetic clash, and using that spark to light creative new ways forward.

When we go into darkness, it’s no vacation. It helps to remember: when emotional chaos takes hold, the best remedy is simplicity. When we simplify our lives and remove subjective distractions, it brings us closer to alignment and objectivity. We become more sensitive in our perceptions. We can be still with our thoughts and feelings, while also exploring the opportunities they create. This will tell you everything you need to know – even if it feels upside down (you’re in the rabbit hole, remember?)

The Big Move

First, it helps to know that we’ve done this before even if we can’t see it, or forgot how. Through the process of shedding old energy and creating ‘the new’, we’re changing, morphing, evolving, and moving energy – the emotional kind of energy that comes with great weight, which is why the process of releasing it is called enlightenment (light bulb moment!) Although the ego part of us may attach to the feeling of loss, and resist letting go of old comfortable energy, this process of unpacking our emotional baggage Lightens our emotional load and helps us to align our energetic being to what our heart and soul essence is really searching for — change and the fear that comes with it. The whole gamut of conscious experience.

It can feel daunting, looking into our own personal rabbit hole, but don’t be scared. The darkness is part of the great aether which is the spiritual energy of creation. The aehter is the “place” and the mindset where illusions are shattered, perspectives are changed, new dreams are forged, and something beautiful and honest is born – seemingly from “nothing”.

Remember though, the “nothingness” you may experience is still something, because there is no such thing as nothing. In the heart-felt stillness of the dark, we find the presence, openness and creative spark we need to truly see our reality and consciously invigorate our lives, aligning our outer world to our inner reality and desires.

So honor the darkness for the experience that it is and the lessons it offers your heart and mind – and most of all, know that it is temporary.

To make ‘the big move’ is basically a 2-step process. First, we have to identify and connect with the fearful energy that wants to be expressed – or released. Most of us have an awareness of our fears and the patterns they create in our lives, even if we’re unsure how to process them and/or persuade them to move out. This is the process that we don’t necessarily like so much because it’s uncomfortable at best. The key is realizing that we need something to replace the fear in our heart.

When fear keeps us “stuck”, the reason we find it so hard to move is because we stop supporting the Universe to support us, by focusing our consciousness on the “what if’s” — what we don’t have, what we can’t do, what may go wrong, and often, what other people think. The ego’s perception becomes about “loss” and “want” and “fear” of the potential future; and so we lose touch with our natural sense of gratitude for now — which is a necessary ingredient for co-creating with conscious intention. But that sense of fear is not real, it is the ego trying to protect itself from the worst case “what if’s” that may or may not happen in the future, and redirecting our attention back to familiar patterns of behavior that may gratify the ego in the short term but do not serve the Self in the long term.

Then, when ego/fear prevents us from trying, or even dreaming, nothing happens at all! Today or in the future…

… and so, this is where we get “stuck”, going round and round trying to solve fearful problems in our heads, trying to resolve our fears with the same mentality that created them… more fear. It’s the emotional equivalent of banging our heads against a proverbial brick wall.

Ego is the antithesis of Oneness. Inherently fearful of the unknown, ego is hard wired into our biological flight-or-fight/fear response. It views reality in terms of separation and comparison to others, blind to the bigger picture that exists beyond its own self-oriented awareness.

The best way to resolve the fear of doing is to DO. Go ahead and prove your fearful ego wrong.

Sure, it can take great courage, discipline and self-understanding to honestly explore the dark recesses of our fears and ego. But the truth is, there is no other real option. As we continue down this path of collective and personal awakening, our unresolved ego/fears and their effects are becoming increasingly obvious in our lives, and like any other unsustainable practice, we can no longer put them aside without consequence.

It’s time we cleared the space, start a fresh canvass, and show those around us they can do the same too.

Grab a Pallette!

Our emotions ultimately tell us everything we need to know about what’s working and not working for us in our lives. When things aren’t “right”, we experience discomfort or discontent in various areas of our life. If we don’t allow these feelings to surface, and more importantly to guide our mind’s decisions, the unresolved emotional energy will always find a way to be expressed, whether the ego likes it or not. For many, the ongoing denial and apathy to such challenging feelings can culminate in a ‘dark night of the soul’, where the emotional veil suddenly drops and the full range of emotional energies demand that we feel them, and heal them, at once.

In these times, we may not like what we see when we look at the canvas of our life. Reflecting on our fears and most painful experiences forces us to be aware of the fearful, unloving, or desperate decisions we’ve made in our lives. We may not like the landscape we’ve painted, or the details in the background, or the truth about what we’ve emulated from our fear but we can change it, move it, enhance it, and color it in. First we need to step back and really see the canvas objectively – without ego – and feel the message within it. Our pain, discontent, anger and regret are all perfect indicators that we are settling for something in our lives that is not aligned with our true Being. Exploring and acknowledging the whole spectrum of our feelings is the first (and most difficult) step to healing them, and starting over, creating through the chaos.

In order to unravel the effects of our feelings and experiences in ego and fear have caused on our energetic landscape, it’s a case of going back through the darkness in order to see the Light. That’s the duality – Light doesn’t exist without dark, and the only way out is through. Follow the light.  Sometimes that means we have to stop, look, and listen in order to find a heartfelt stillness enabling us to truly see what our heart, and the universe by extension, is trying to show us.

Then, when we confront our true human and spiritual nature head on and “survive” the truth of our dark side (even though our ego feared we would perish!) we emerge with a new clearer perspective — ready to create a more honest, simple, joyful, meaningful, enriching, experiential kind of life. The kind of life that is perfectly aligned to the inner Being we have come to know so well. The kind of life that is impossible to create while the ego has us convinced that what we want for ourselves is always somehow out of our reach.

Color in the Dark

Let’s be honest, our darker feelings of fear and chaos aren’t exactly easy to look at up close and personal. We learn to keep our fear hidden just beyond the periphery of our conscious awareness in order to stay “sane and functioning”. The ego’s mode of operation is like a secret agent in stealth mode encouraging the turbulence of our fear. Its very purpose is to make us aware of our own fears and/or limitations taking us into the darkness of the aether.  But the darkness only obscures our view, hiding a blank canvass of infinite potential. We have something the ego doesn’t though — color, light and shade which equates to every imaginable outcome.

Creating something *NEW* is the best way to release emotional baggage and re-color our lives into a canvas we can’t wait to claim as our own and share with the world. If we allow ourselves to fully experience the dark side of our emotional existence, we can use that experience as both a motivation and a tool to create new experiences, new relationships, and new outcomes.

Our creative juices move in synchronicity with the universal flow of creation when we allow ourselves to be guided by our hearts. As we release our fears and overcome the urges of the short-sighted ego, we learn to listen to our heart and to our inner guidance. The dreamer’s dream comes to life before our very eyes and it mirrors back to us all that we truly are – beautiful, colorful, and unique Beings of light, consciously co-creating our own canvas, and transcending the darkness of the aether. Fun and rewarding, our existence suddenly becomes a vibrant colorful life when we make the choice to embody the art of life, with all its light and shade, and open ourselves to experience its endless, beautifully chaotic possibilities.


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Author: Jennifer Deisher / Wake up World

9 Healing Benefits of Music

Music… loved, cherished, and admired by humans for countless ages. It’s shaped culture and society in very profound ways. It has started social revolutions and shifts in collective consciousness. There is a magical feeling that can come from music and its enchanting spell has affected billions of people in sometimes life-changing ways, as it continues to do to this day.

In recent decades, many studies have been done on music to see exactly how much of an impact and just how influential it is on human beings and other sentient life. The discoveries are absolutely fascinating.

Music as a Healer

Mystics, sages, and others have mused about the healing properties of music. They realized such qualities existed because they experienced them first-hand. As convincing such evidence may have been for such individuals, such proof does not hold precedence in modern western society, where scientific empiricism reigns supreme. Thankfully, many studies have been done to show that music does indeed have healing powers.

If a person has a stroke on the left side of the brain, where the speech centers are located in most people, that “wipes out a major part of communication,” said Dr. Gottfried Schlaug, chief of the Cerebrovascular Disorder Division and Stroke-Recovery Laboratory at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. But if the right side, where a lot of music is processed, is intact, some stroke patients can use “melodic intonation therapy,” which involves singing using two tones (relatively close in pitch) to communicate.

Schlaug’s research suggests that with intense therapy some patients can even move from this two-tone singing back to actual speech. Stroke patients with gait problems also profit from neurologically based music therapy. At the Center for Biomedical Research in Music at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, director Michael Thaut and his team have shown that people partially paralyzed on one side can retrain to walk faster and in a more coordinated way if they practice walking rhythmically, cued by music or a metronome. Combining rhythmic training with physical therapy also helps stroke patients recover gait faster.

A number of studies show that music therapy – the use of music for medical goals – can reduce pain. In a 2001 study on burn patients, whose burns must be frequently scraped to reduce dead tissue, researchers found that music therapy significantly reduced the excruciating pain. Patients undergoing colonoscopy also seem to feel less pain and need fewer sedative drugs if they listen to music during the procedure, according to several studies. Another study done at Glasgow Caledonian University found that people who were listening to their favorite music felt less pain and could stand pain for a longer period.

Music therapy may also improve mental state and functioning in people with schizophrenia, according to a 2007 Cochrane review. Premature infants who listen to lullabies learn to suck better and gain more weight than those who don’t get music therapy. And Deforia Lane, director of music therapy at the University Hospitals Ireland Cancer Center in Cleveland, has found an improvement in immune response among hospitalized children who played, sang, and created music compared to children who did not get music therapy.

Finally, research conclusions have identified how the affect of music could replicate the effects of hormone replacement therapy in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Sound is a Harmonic Healer

Wave forms and frequencies permeate everything from the smallest sub-atomic particles to the largest structures – through solid objects and energy fields – even our thoughts and emotions. When we are feeling good, all aspects of our being can be said to be in harmony. When we are experiencing discomfort on any level, or sickness occurs, the vibrations of certain sounds can help bring us back to a harmonic, healthy state.

Along with healing and transformation, making sounds through sacred instruments or our voices has been a joyful part of human life throughout human history. It is only recently that watching TV or listening to recordings has virtually replaced the pleasure of making sounds together. Modern science is proving how sound vibrations can improve health and enhance our lives. A research team in Sweden discovered the most effective way of clearing blocked sinus passages was humming! Some participants in these sound healing sessions have noted how relaxing and uplifting the experience is, while others find it has helped relieve pain, bring them to a more joyful state, and many other benefits.

The Awe of Music

Music has also been shown to have the wonderful power to awe humans. Scientists at the Montreal Neurological Institute, for instance, have found dramatic evidence on brain scans that the “chills,” or a visceral feeling of awe, that people report listening to their favorite music are real.

Music that a person likes – but not music that is disliked – activates both the higher, thinking centers in the brain’s cortex, and, perhaps more important, also the “ancient circuitry, the motivation and reward system,” said experimental psychologist Robert Zatorre, a member of the team.It’s this ancient part of the brain that, often through the neurotransmitter dopamine, also governs basic drives such as for food, water, and sex, suggesting the tantalizing idea that the brain may consider music on a par with these crucial drives.

Listen to Music, Develop More Neurons

Music, the universal language of mood, emotion and desire, connects with us through a wide variety of neural systems. Researchers have discovered evidence that music stimulates specific regions of the brain responsible for memory, language and motor control. They have located specific areas of mental activity linked to the emotional responses elicited by music. An outstanding discovery recently has shown that children listening to music have increased neural development. Neurons are the oldest and longest cells in the body. You have many of the same neurons for your whole life.

Although other cells die and are replaced, many neurons are never replaced when they die. In fact, you have fewer neurons when you are old compared to when you are young. However , data published in November 1998 show that in one area of the brain (the hippocampus), neurons can in fact grow in adult humans as well. The discovery that new neurons develop in children can also mean that they can develop in an adult. It would seem a reasonable assumption, although it is not yet clear empirically if this is the case, but those that cherish and love music will tell you anecdotal evidence that they feel they do have more brain power than before.

The Brain Loves Harmony

“Undeniably, there is a biology of music,” according to Harvard University Medical School neurobiologist Mark Jude Tramo. He sees it as beyond question that there is specialization within the brain for the processing of music. Music is a biological part of life as surely as it is an aesthetic part. Studies as far back as 1990 found that the brain responds to harmony. Using a PET scanner to monitor changes in neural activity, neuroscientists at McGill University discovered that the part of the brain activated by music is dependent on whether or not the music is pleasant or dissonant.

The brain grows in response to musical training in the way a muscle responds to exercise. Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston discovered that male musicians have larger brains than men who have not had extensive musical training. The cerebellums, that part of the brain containing 70% of the total brain’s neurons, were 5% larger in expert male musicians. Researchers have found evidence of the power of music to affect neural activity no matter where they looked in the brain, from primitive regions found in animals to more recently evolved areas thought to be strictly human such as the frontal lobes. Harmony, melody and rhythm invoke distinct patterns of brain activity.

Attaining Full Consciousness Through Music

Attaining full consciousness, meaning that one utilizes both sides of the brain equally has been shown to manifest in musicians and those who are exposed to music for a good portion of their life. Vanderbilt University psychologists have found that professionally trained musicians more effectively use a creative technique called divergent thinking, and also use both the left and the right sides of their frontal cortex more heavily than the average person.

Instrumental musicians often integrate different melodic lines with both hands into a single musical piece, and they have to be very good at simultaneously reading the musical symbols, which are like left-hemisphere-based language, and integrating the written music with their own interpretation, which has been linked to the right hemisphere. The researchers also found that, overall, the musicians had higher IQ scores than the non-musicians, supporting recent studies that intensive musical training is associated with an elevated IQ score.

A Music-Memory Connection

Music surprises us yet again; this time revealing that it helps us remember. In a recent study, Petr Janata, a cognitive neuroscientist at University of California, Davis said that “what seems to happen is that a piece of familiar music serves as a soundtrack for a mental movie that starts playing in our head. It calls back memories of a particular person or place, and you might all of a sudden see that person’s face in your mind’s eye.” Janata began suspecting the medial pre-frontal cortex as a music-processing and music-memories region when he saw that part of the brain actively tracking chord and key changes in music.

He had also seen studies which showed the same region lighting up in response to self-reflection and recall of autobiographical details. In his own study, Janata saw that tunes linked to the strongest self-reported memories triggered the most vivid and emotion-filled responses – findings corroborated by the brain scan showing spikes in mental activity within the medial prefrontal cortex.

The brain region responded quickly to music signature and timescale, but also reacted overall when a tune was autobiographically relevant. Furthermore, music tracking activity in the brain was stronger during more powerful autobiographical memories. This latest research could explain why even Alzheimer’s patients who endure increasing memory loss can still recall songs from their distant past.

Music as an Identifier of Emotions

In a study detailed in the European Journal of Neuroscience, an interdisciplinary Northwestern research team for the first time provides biological evidence that musical training enhances an individual’s ability to recognize emotion in sound, which is quite a useful skill in any facet of life. The study, funded by the National Science Foundation, found that the more years of musical experience musicians possessed and the earlier the age they began their music studies also increased their nervous systems’ abilities to process emotion in sound.

Previous research has indicated that musicians demonstrate greater sensitivity to the nuances of emotion in speech. In fact, recent studies indicated that musicians might even be able to sense emotion in sounds after hearing them for only 50 milliseconds.

Immerse Yourself in Music

By now, the intimate role musical harmonics play in your life should be abundantly clear to you. There’s so many incredible benefits you can have to your overall wellness by incorporating music into your daily life, be it listening to music in whatever way you do, playing an instrument for fun or professionally, or using specifically designed healing music right before bed or in a meditation session.

However you use music in your life, you will definitely experience the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits that music provides us. Enhance your life experience with the added element of music whenever you are able to and you will find yourself living a more surreal and more transcendent life.


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Author: Paul Lenda / Wake up World

The Failed Politics and Faulty Science of Climate Change

The climate change/carbon emissions debate is over. It’s a redundant distraction to the broader actuality of humanity’s blatantly destructive environmental practicesThe question at the core of the ‘climate’ discussion is not if the planet is warming, or whether carbon levels are to blame, the question is whether our current way of life on planet earth is sustainable. Yet this supposedly “scientific” debate has deteriorated to narrow, ill-informed political rhetoric that keeps us debating the details, not the central issue.

Is human activity negatively affecting our planet’s health, and risking humanity’s future? – Yes.  Are our current practices sustainable? – No.  Are carbon emissions altering our environment such that it is causing global temperatures to increase? – Inconsequential to the broader matter at hand.

Whatever the temperature may be, or how wild the storms, it is only a symptom of our collective disconnection from Mother Nature. Living a lifestyle that is incompatible with nature, we have allowed our atmosphere, water, soil and food supplies all to be ruined by ever-increasing environmental, industrial and agricultural poisons. And now, with unprecedented rates of disease affecting ‘developed’ nations, our increasingly toxic reality — changing climate or not — is reason enough to end this narrow ‘carbon’ rhetoric and initiate the many systemic reforms we know are now essential to our survival.

But the science of the ‘climate change’ paradigm, just like modern medicine,focusses aimlessly on the understanding the symptoms, but never the cause. It’s the scientific equivalent of crapping the bed and then focusing on how best to cover up the smell…. Meanwhile, it seems government officials are deliberately dragging their feet, gambling with our future to further an increasingly blatant commercial agenda.

Faulty Science of ‘Climate Change’

Let’s get real here. The debate of ‘climate change’ has not been a real debate for many years now. It was and remains a political distraction, not a scientific discourse. The complex question of our changing ecosystem has been reduced in our collective language (through media and political manipulation) to a simplistic notion of “carbon emissions”.

And so, while our focus remains only on carbon, no action is being taken to reform the dirty industrial systems we already know are yesterday’s news. Clearly, this unending debate is staged in favor of those who profit the most, drawing focus away from the broader environmental issues – andsolutions – and impeding necessary reform.

Our society is dependent on energy from operations plagued by gas leaks, oil spills and radioactive meltdowns; our food supply is increasingly tainted by “FDA Approved” agricultural poisons, our atmosphere is being sprayed with toxic cocktails in an arrogant attempt to control the planet’s weather, while our carbon-absorbing oceans and forests are being further decimated by short-sighted commercial practice with each passing day. And what of the effects of radioactive pollution? EMF radiation? Airborne toxins from petrol technologies? Agricultural poisons in air rain and soil? And what of other factors we can’t yet understand?

Only a politician or a corporate spin-doctor would argue against replacing destructive technologies like fossil fuel, poison-dependent agriculture and nuclear energy/weapons experimentation, with sustainable systems that will serve us today, and for seven generations to come.

Conveniently, the “scientists” advocating the official carbon rhetoric have ignored countless significant (but politically inconvenient) influences on our natural environment in order to reach a position of advocacy, making the worst mistake a scientist can make — omitting to consider information that is already well known. Such information includes:

  • atmospheric heavy metal and chemical spraying as part of geo-engineering/chemtrail programs
  • ever-increasing levels of airborne pollution and nuclear radiation in our air and sea
  • mounting waste from ‘functioning’ nuclear facilities. (So far nuclear science hasn’t figured out how to eliminate radioactive waste material, only how to accumulate and store it for future generations to worry about)
  • compromised soil and water caused by increased “fracking” (read: “blowing shit up underground”) in local communities
  • 3½ years worth of radioactive waste pouring from the failed Fukushima Daiichi facility into the oceans that are home to the plants that supply two thirds of our atmosphere’s oxygen
  • the effect on other plant and animal life, including the collapsing bee colonies that pollenate food bearing, oxygen-creating plant life on land, and the knock on effects of their ill-health and decline on a deeply inter-connected ecosystem
  • unsustainable agricultural processes, including but not limited to the heavily instituted use of the toxic pesticides (such as the RoundUp (glyphosate) poison that is central to GMO crop production) that have been linked not only to the collapse of global bee colonies but also unprecedented rates of human illness
  • ever-diminishing rain forests
  • the cumulative interaction of these factors in our ecosystem, and our bodies, particularly when airborne pollutants commonly associated with geo-engineering and nuclear programs (heavy metals) interact with electromagnetic radiation and HAARP
  • substantial evidence that temperatures on other planets in our solar system are also rising, indicating that a warming effect on earth may be the result of sun spot activity and changes in cosmic rays interacting with the earth’s atmosphere. To learn more, please read: The Climate Change Hoax.

Ignoring not one by all of these factors, the “scientists” propping up the climate/carbon debate compound the first mistake by making the second worst mistake a scientist could make: omitting the potential of other factors, known or unknown, that may influence their considerations, results and predictions of environmental changes.

Is carbon really our biggest concern? No, it’s just one of our least tangible concerns — the perfect political diversion from any discussion of tangible systemic reform. When we view this situation with our eyes wide open, suggesting that putting a price and/or “cap” on carbon is the mechanism that will “save our planet” is ridiculous. But it sure does make people feel better.

Reality Check

Humanity is living an unsustainable life here on earth. Our days like today are numbered. There are countless factors that are putting our natural ecosystem under pressure, yet with public debate carefully steered by corporate-government and their media, the entire discourse of our environmental future has been co-opted; reduced to a dangerous theatre of populist politics that is rooted in polarized, dualistic thinking — the opposition of two competing ideas, two parties, left and right, neither one a complete solution…

Sleepwalking to Extinction

Whole regions have been made uninhabitable via the status quo of the petrolithic era and nuclear era, and the delicate balance of the whole planet’s ecosystem has been degraded by these operations. There is no question that today’s oligarchical globalization are unsustainable, and beyond that totally destructive today – like repeatedly crapping in one’s own bed. And while the powerbrokers of globalization continue to exert influence over supposedly independent media and sovereign governments, the debate of global warming remains little but unscientific distraction from any real solutions. And recent history has proven this to be a fact.

Global pollution and the environmental destruction of the earth is obvious, apparent and affronting. The oligarchical status quo of globalization and institutionalization has resulted in pollutants and toxins which permeate the oceans once thought to be limitless, and pierced the atmosphere.

Do the ice caps have to melt before this narrow carbon-obsessed global warming debate might cease for a moment, and focus may turn toward actually doing something positive about our fouled air, water, land and food?

What is already scientifically known about global environmental destruction is enough for any reasonable person to support drastic change — in order to prevent drastic change. Undeniably, this change must start with the immediate reformation of institutions, particularly the energy and technology industries that profit while simultaneously working to suppress the development of genuinely sustainable energy technologies. Individuals, like you and me, who are already burdened with bio accumulative toxins of all sorts from these contaminating practices, should not be the only ones to bear the hardship of such change. Such burden should be placed squarely on the institutions that are the source of the problem, that profit from the problem, and accordingly, that wield their political influence to prolong the problem.

Time For Climate Revolution

It is time to get real. These power-brokers are playing political games with our planet. They aren’t going to correct their own corrupted priorities, and realistically, we don’t have time to wait.

Human over-consumption of the Earth cannot continue without dire physical and spiritual consequences. We cannot consider ourselves the peak of evolution on earth while also being responsible for its devastation. We cannot breathe, eat or drink politics. Nor can our future generations. It time we start thinking outside the narrow confines of the political convention and formality that led us here. What we need is an environmental revolution. Our future on earth now depends on it.

The narrow, pseudo-scientific global warming debate is over – as is the need for any further debate on our destructive environmental practices. What is needed is systemic change. Now. It is the only way humanity has any hope of surviving — no matter what the temperature.


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Author: Ethan Indigo Smith and Andy Whiteley / Wake up World

Light Goes On, Within You And Without You

Once we have moved past the fun and games that life presents to us, the vast majority of us will eventually embark upon a “Spiritual Quest for Fire”.

Without going through a load of esoteric motions, or suggesting that one more thing in the physical realm is going to bring us “The Answer” we are seeking, let us admit the world does not know. We do not know who and what we are, what our purpose is, and what really happens beyond this worldly experience.

And while it does have a place in the human experience, physical science still falls short of any meaningful answers to the primary questions we ask on our journey here:

Who and what are we?

What is our purpose here?

The word “suggests” is popular in science, while “faith” is the catchall for religious meaning in our lives. What we really need is an experience that is not of this world; an undeniable experience that will eclipse the mediocre offerings of a world gone mad with fear.

Ignorance is not bliss and being unaware of our Source is nothing but a formula for chaos and disaster. All we have to do is look at the state of the world to understand what our ignorance has given us – nothing that we want.

Gratitude – The Afterbirth Of Forgiveness

Gratitude is where all the real nutrients are. Forgiveness is the first major stepping stone towards the inroad of absolute truth and is a prerequisite if we ever hope to know anything and understand what is real. Forgiveness is the catalyst that reverses our perception and prepares us for the shining truth.

Although forgiveness is an illusion – for nothing in Perfect Love needs to be forgiven – we still need it in our human experience to liberate the mind from grievances, which hides the Light that shines within us and all around us.

Practicing forgiveness is not nearly as difficult as holding grudges. It has this miraculous ability to lift the weight of the world off our shoulders by dissolving unloving thoughts within our thought system. Forgiveness undoes what is not real so what is real can be remembered.

It doesn’t cost anything to work towards a Masters in Forgiveness. But the refusal to forgive is indicative of our refusal to love one another and this cost is enormous in terms of human tragedy and needless suffering.

Apologizing For Spiritual Impurities

We cannot afford to distract ourselves or be concerned with any past life travesties, mainly because all we can really deal with is the here and now. There is nothing else.

Rather than reflecting on our “sins of the past” let us focus on simply being willing to heal every situation that has resulted in conflict or unhappiness for anyone involved.

Saying “I am sorry for the incident” is another miraculous statement. This is not an admission of guilt but a desire to let all false perceptions of separation go in favor of the truth, which is that no one is separate from Source or each other. When we are willing to apologize and ask someone to “forgive us” it is a sign of respect and means that we want the other person to be happy and at peace.

People who do not forgive are suffering and fail to understand there is nothing to forgive except the unloving thoughts that deprive us of peace. The apology is simply a reminder of what waits on the other side of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a promise that the Eternal Light that is there, unseen, will reveal itself in our dealings with the injured and sick. Forgiveness is the means, and peace of mind is the result.

What else could we want but to be happy and at peace?

Gratitude For Everything Polishes The Soul

The soul, or spirit, needs no salvation and cannot be killed or injured. It can, however, be hidden behind the debris and fallout of unforgiving, unloving thoughts that are out of sight but not out of mind. These are the thoughts that need to be cleansed and polished.

Love is approached through gratitude. It means we have willingly laid our weapons down and taken a step forward in our mind to heal and be healed.

Expressing sincere gratitude in words and deeds is the promise that Love is for one and all. Gratitude is like a soft cloth that binds and heals everything within its gracious embrace.

Shining Our Light Of Love By Extending Waves Of Gratitude

There is no need to wait on the world for happiness since it is inherent in who and what we are. Sincere gratitude enables the person who extends it to fully recognize that they have accepted it first, which enables them to give it all away.

The way it works is quite simple; the reason it works is fail-proof. Through complete forgiveness, all unloving thoughts are completely undone. The forgiver experiences sincere gratitude because their thoughts instantly become unified and releases them from all conflict. Where there is no conflict there is only happiness. And this is peace.

The Light that streams and glows everywhere is real. It belongs to each of us equally – all of it. This Light connects everything and proves the separation from Love never happened.

Who and what are we? We are love.

What is our purpose here? Our purpose is to bring peace to the world by bringing peace to our own mind.

Make a commitment today to forgive the world and set it free from the effects of unloving thoughts. Only then will we be in the clear where the only possible experience left for us is peace and joy because Love is the Answer.


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Author: Carmen Allgood / Wake up World

Allowing the Vibrational Change

Many of the symptoms we’re witnessing amongst those around us can be explained in terms of the vibrational change we’re undergoing. The shift is on, and people are responding by either welcoming or resisting it at all kinds of levels. It’s quite a fascinating phenomenon to behold, as well as a bit disturbing as people who don’t get it lash out at whatever influence they perceive is the culprit for their disorientation.

Fascinating stuff, but intrinsically important to what’s happening here at the surface level.

Most importantly is the personal level of this transformation that’s happening whether people want to acknowledge it or not. Fighting the structural degradation of old paradigms is always a messy affair, with seeming little to support our old viewpoints, except desperate grabbing on to old thought patterns and resultant behaviors which have shaped our lives. Such is the death of the old.

The overwhelmingly empowering aspect of what humanity is experiencing is the complete liberation from decrepit control systems into a world longing for exploration and enjoyment that brings with it realms of transformation we never dreamed of.

The Rhythm of Change

Whether humanity likes it, believes it, or is ready or not, the change is happening. It’s as unstoppable as the music of the spheres, as identified by the great philosopher and geomantic mathematician Pythagoras. This wondrous discovery of the decipherable fundamental rhythmic patterns of creation at every level has profound implications that permeate every level of our existence.

Vibrational frequency affects everything. This has been demonstrated using not just sound on water, sand and metal filings where fabulous geometric patterns are formed which change as the frequency is altered, but it also happens with the application of thought, emotions and intention as demonstrated by the late great Masaru Emoto.

The earth resonates with what is called the Schumann resonance frequency, first calculated at 7.83 hertz. And now it is literally changing, and moving into a higher frequency. And that’s just one measuring stick. What else is changing around us and within us? What marvellous new patterns are our basic structures morphing into as this vibrational change continues to unfold?

Nothing to the skeptic, but something wonderful to the experiencer.

Step Out of the Theater

While the world’s attention is transfixed on matrix movie reruns in the theater of life, the entire theater is moving and changing, as is the the world around it. When people finally get up out of their seats and go outside, boy are they in for a shock. It isn’t the same place they entered from, and even then it will continue to change. People looking at the televised reruns and the entranced audience for evidence of this change will never see it. Besides, much of the nature of vibrational change is intuitive, but the evidence is there. Like the changing of the seasons it takes time and is a gradual process but spring always follows winter even when it appears winter just won’t quit.

It reminds me how some people can’t even see the chemtrails. Or think there’s no rhyme or reason to the obvious coordination of world events and the bogus money system. In their minds it’s always been that way and there is no possible alternative. It’s the same with the royalty scam or the rich riding on the backs of the poor. Only this is way more profound than these surface manifestations of the old control system. But until you’ve experienced this vibrational awakening it won’t be in your reality.

Or so you think.

This is the big one, the very vibrational nature of the entire world we live in, from our DNA to the music of the planets in our solar system, the transformation is under way. What it will entail geologically, geopolitically and personally remains to be fully seen, but transform we will, like it or not.

Letting Go

This might seem esoteric to some but it’s as real as the nose on our faces. The shift is on, vibrationally and therefore emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Hence the confused reaction on so many planes. The big drawback to lower level thinking is that we interpret changes by old worn-out channels of thought and understanding.

Fundamentally speaking, never the two worlds shall meet.

They can’t. They’re completely different paradigms. And even the next paradigm will meet dissolution as we continue on the journey. We learn by changing, which begins with a willingness to explore and thus change evolves. It couldn’t be simpler in many ways, but letting go into new realms has been conditioned against, violently. The constructs of society, especially in this highly engineered age of techno-fascism, are relentless in their pursuit of containment and control. We are forced to judge “normalcy” by carefully manipulated “standards” that, once conformed to, begin to reinforce themselves. On a mass scale this then becomes a form of voluntary enslavement.

Don’t fall for it. In fact, you won’t be able to much longer anyway. The entire ball of wax is undergoing an unstoppable transformation whether it likes it or not. Empowering and thrilling for some, completely disorienting and even terrifying for others.

Why not just go with it? Let go and enjoy the ride! It’s the solution everyone’s been waiting for, but it requires our willing participation to allow its creative magic to work more efficiently and effectively.

Translating Vibrational Change

Whether this knowledge and experience embolden you to speak out against the control system as well as help co-create these wonderful changes or not is everyone’s free choice. I share what I’m perceiving and try to nudge and inspire as many as I can, as a growing number of others are doing. We can stare at the maniacal matrix and its wicked workings all day, but positive solutions abound and are there for the harvesting. Activating vibrationally to this paradigm shift makes it manifest and accelerates its effect on everyone and everything.

If you’ve ever seen those musical demonstrations where one string or vibration sets off others around it to vibrate at the same frequency you know what I mean. Only here we’re talking about a much deeper, even quantum level of, vibrational transference. It manifests in changed lives, resonating thoughts, awakening mental and spiritual awareness. If plants and animals respond to music, how much more the human spirit to the music of the spheres and fundamental cosmic vibrational change?!

All we have to do is throw the switch!


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Author: Zen Gardner / Wake up World

The Story of the Four Animal Friends

The Four Animal Friends story is recorded in the Sutra teachings of the Buddha. The Four Animal Friends story tells about Buddha’s earlier life.  The Buddha had many lives before becoming a fully enlightened Buddha. 

The story occurs in Beneras or Varanasi that is located in India.  In one of the forests in Beneras, there were four animals.  These four animals were living together.  In this area of Beneras, everything was going well and there were not any problems. There were good crops of food, rain was falling on time, and there were no disasters and no famine. All the people in the area were happy.

The King of this area was very curious because areas surrounding his province were having a lot of problems. There were problems such as drought, famine, and fighting in the areas surrounding the King’s province.  The King was really surprised that his province was so peaceful and everything was going so easily. The King went to see astrologers to find the reason why his province was so peaceful. The astrologers found that all these good things in the province were because of four animal friends that were living upstream from Sumalti province.  The good fortune was not due to the power of the King or any of the people but was due to these four animals.

In this particular forest, there were four animal friends  – a bird known as a pheasant, a rabbit, a monkey and an elephant. These four animal friends were living in harmony and they respected each other very much. They respected each other in the tradition of the Dharma. The respect the animals had for each other and their friendship brought all these good things to the province.

One day, the four animals came together to talk about who is more wise and older. There was a big banyan tree where the animals were living. The elephant said that he could remember when the tree was his height.  The monkey said to the elephant that he must be older because he could remember when the tree was so small that he could hop over the tree. The rabbit said that he must be older than both of them because he gave the tree manure when the tree was just sprouting up from the ground. The bird said to all of them that he was much wiser and older because he was the one who brought the seed from a different place.

The size and the strength of the bird is small and the size and the strength of the elephant is very big and powerful. The animals were each different but they respected each other. The animals found that the bird was the oldest and the wisest. The rabbit was the next oldest and wisest, followed by the monkey with the elephant being the youngest.  The bird, the pheasant, taught the other animals moral conduct. Each of the animals followed the advice of the bird and this helped to increase happiness all around the area.

Each animal respected each other and respected the bird as the oldest and wisest.  The four animals had a very good friendship with each other. The power of their friendship with the respect for each other created in all the province a good atmosphere.

This story is recorded in the Sutra called, the Vinayavastu (Foundation of Discipline).  In the Vinaya teaching Dulwa Lung and the discourse Do De Na Kyang Lung it is written that these four animal friends were the Buddha himself and his three attendants. Kuengao (Ananda), Sharibhu (Shariputra), and Mougyelghibhu (Maudalyayana) were the three attendants. The bird, the Pheasant, was Buddha, the rabbit was Ananda, the monkey was Shariputra and the elephant was Maudgalyayana.

The Four Friend Animals is found in paintings on paper and canvas as well as wood carvings throughout homes, schools, and other buildings in Bhutan. This story is painted on walls in monasteries.  The Four Friend Animals is a beloved and well known story with the people of Bhutan. 



What Motivates You to Help Others?

When I got back from the World Domination Summit this summer, I wrote a post about what motivates visionaries to try to change the world. The conference was full of well-intentioned do-gooders trying to make the world a better place. Amazing things were being birthed as a result of this impulse to do good. But I couldn’t help wondering whether this impulse to be of service came from a pure, noble intention or whether it came from some sort of underlying sense of unworthiness or ego-driven motivation. Or both.

In other words, why do we do what we do?

A few people argued, “Who cares why? As long as the world is benefiting from these impulses, why question it?”

Yet, as one of those self-help author do-gooder types who is committed to getting my own ego out of the driver’s seat and letting the Divine take the wheel, it matters to me.

Is Your Self-Worth Tied To How Helpful You Are?

I have a theory about all of this. I think those of us who commit to acts of altruism on behalf of making the world a better place do so because it makes us feel better about ourselves. Something within us doesn’t feel good enough/ valuable enough/ worthy enough unless we’ re devoted to helping others. We don’t believe that we’re good and valuable and worthy not because of any external action but because we all have within us a spark of the Divine which makes us inherently worthy. So we go out and help people, and people tell us how we’ve saved their lives, and then we feel more worthy. We matter because we matter to someone else. Then our worried, scared, “never good enough” egos feel better.

So what would happen if someone waved a magic wand and all the do-gooders suddenly woke up and knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that we were worthy – without all the accolades and applause and love letters from those we’ve helped. Would we lose all ambition to help others? Would we just sit on a park bench and bask in our awakened worthiness?

I don’t think so.

The Pure Impulse To Serve

I think it’s part of human nature to feel the impulse to ease the suffering of other living beings. When Eckhart Tolle woke up and realized that everything he had ever desired existed right here in the present moment, he spent months sitting on a park bench, basking in the bliss of his awakened state. He suddenly knew he was a valuable, worthy child of God who didn’t have to do anything to earn that grace. But Eckhart didn’t stay on that park bench forever. At some point, a pure impulse to share with others the bliss of what he was experiencing in the present moment motivated him to write The Power of Now and A New Earth. I don’t think the sharing of this message was motivated by ego. I think it was motivated by this pure impulse to ease the suffering of others who were missing the bliss of the present moment by living in the past or the future.

This is all just my theory, but I now think we’re often motivated to do good things because we’re trying to feel more worthy. But it’s possible to know we are worthy and still serve others from a pure, clean impulse to ease the suffering of others. 

I Can’t Do It

So as I get ready to speak to an audience of people I hope to help with my words, I am doing a worthiness meditation so I can get my ego in the backseat and let the Divine use me in service to those who might be suffering. I remind my ego (I call her Victoria Rochester) that she is already good enough / valuable enough / worthy enough without gushing fans or long lines at my book signing or getting to sit next to Louise Hay at dinner.  I am asking for Divine guidance. I am realizing, ironically, that I am speaking at an I Can Do It conference, and yet, perhaps, as Tosha Silver suggested, “I Can’t Do It.” Or rather, I Choose Not To Do It- because I want to let the Universe do it instead.

That’s what I hope to relay to those I serve at this conference. I don’t want to just feed their scared, worried, “not good enough” egos. I want to help them remember that they don’t have to do it – that if they get their egos out of the way and let the Divine take the lead, all will be well and they will finally find the peace they’re seeking.

Do You Yearn To Serve?

Generosity, altruism, charitable acts, and self-help teaching are all great. Don’t get me wrong. But if you find yourself compelled to be of service, I invite you to examine your motivations. Are you trying to feed the hungry ghost of the ego, which never gets filled no matter how many people you help? Or are you motivated by that clean impulse to ease the suffering of others? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Knowing I can’t do it alone.


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Author: Lissa Rankin / Wake up World

6 Things Your Soul Wants You to Know

We all wander through life searching for a higher purpose. We live with the same questions. Who are we? Why are we here? What are we meant to be doing? Am I living my best life?

Throughout my life I have pondered these questions. My experiences with over 400 deaths as a frontline social worker in a busy ER gave me the greatest insights and new understandings about death, dying and how the soul wishes to express itself in life.

Each life experience is an invitation to live as closely as possible to your soul’s true essence.

To help you to do that – this is what your soul wants you know…

1. You are OK just as you are.

The main goal of life is to not really change, grow or transform yourself. It is to be at peace with who you are at any given moment despite what you have done or not done; said or not said. Transformation is a choice we all have, but from the soul’s perspective, it is not the greatest priority.

2. Your soul invites you to view yourself through a lens of understanding.

While the way we respond to events in our life holds significance to some of our happiness, more important are the thoughts you have toward yourself as you critique whether you handled your response to a situation well. Too often we criticize ourselves for not handling a situation well. Thoughts such as, “Why on earth did I say that?“ or “I was just way too emotional for that situation” are some common examples.

Your soul is calling you to view yourself kindly and instead say to yourself, “I did the best I could at the time based on what I knew and my best was good enough”.

3. Your soul wants you to know that you are meant to feel deeply.

We are not here to brush over our experiences, but to experience our emotions and listen to our feelings as they guide us either closer to, or further from, what is best.

4. You are here to attune yourself with the good, the brightest, best and most delightful.

We are here to know the delights, feel the lightness and most of all, to know love, kindness, compassion and joy.

5. You are here to experience life. What that means is completely up to you.

It is not so much about what you experience, but the way you feel about yourself as you experience that matters most. There are many of us who experience great success for example, but we don’t allow ourselves to actually feel and breathe in the bounty of what we have achieved. Instead we just tick that box and move forward to the next goal.

Life is not meant to be lived this way. We are here to immerse ourselves in each and every experience and feel the greatness of who we are as we live each day.

6. Your soul wants you to know stillness.

When we are still, we can truly listen. As we listen we open ourselves to understand and it is within the stillness that we can feel the greatest connection to our soul’s wisdom. That is why meditation, being still in nature and finding a quiet moment for ourselves feels so appealing. They are opportunities to connect with who we truly are. Kind, compassionate, gentle and wise.

We just have to listen.


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Author: Katrina Cavanough