Choki desires to enable communities to build sustainable lifestyles. We are excited about bringing people’s passions to life and would love your help! Choki works for the benefit of all at the expense of none, so 100% of donations go directly to our specific causes. There are several different ways you can contribute in our goal to change the world. Please take a moment to look through the different options and consider where your skills and resources could best be used:

Learn about the causes you can support today!

1 Donate From Your Heart

Choki is a 501C3 registered nonprofit and all contributions are tax deductible.

When you give a donation to Choki, 100% of it goes to one of our specific causes. You can make your contribution general or ask for it to go to a specific need. The funds go to helping communities build sustainable lives and provide food, lodging, sanitation, education, etc.