God gave to man a beautiful garden to take care of and enjoy.  A garden free from delusion, pain, and suffering.  A garden of abundance, compassion, and cooperation with all life.  A garden of the greatest beauty that is always working for the benefit of all life.  However, the fall into materialism has completely overtaken integrities by perversions and corruptions from lack of personal responsibility, integrity, and external dependency. 

Every human being has the right to dwell with God in peace, beauty, compassion, and cooperation.  To have a relationship with God is to walk in God’s creation.  It is up to each individual to discover God personally through silence in the garden through creation.  Devotion to God is the unfolding of life, life not by accident but by positive intentions that turn into actions for the benefit of all at the expense of none. 

Then, society may find a real purpose that represents the qualities of God where happiness is the new rich, health is the new wealth, kindness is the new cool, and inner peace is the new success.

Enjoy the `Nature of Insight´ and thank you for watching.

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Dedicated to all who love God, truth, and nature.

Behind the scenes



Directed by:​ Diego Villasmil R.
Produced by: Diego Villasmil R, Casey Hartnett, Andrea Pinto.
Director of Photography: Alejandro Villa Olaya.
Editor: Diego Villasmil R.
Story by: Andrea Pinto.
Sound Mix Designer: Oscar Riera
Graphic Design: Jessica Pinto
Narrated by: Joao Alves. ​
Music: Andreia Silva
Photograph by: Donaldo Barros and Alejandro Villa Olaya.
Distributed by: Chok​i

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