What does Choki want to achieve?

Choki wants to change the world by enabling people to follow their passions and live sustainably. We want to get to know different places and people, discover what they value and what resources they have, then give them opportunities to be successful.

We also hope to inspire others to become enablers in their own communities. If you know of a project that we could help with, please let us know!

Why is it called Choki?

Choki is a reminder of what we want to accomplish – spreading a message of peace and positivity through the enablement of communities in need. From the Dzongkha language, CHŌ means positive change of mind and Kē means peace.

How can I support Choki’s efforts?

Choki wants and appreciates any support you can give. You can make a direct donation to a cause, buy products from the communities we help, volunteer, etc. We believe in the benefit for all at the expense of none, so 100% of your donation goes to the community or project in need. Check out our Donate tab for more details. 

How can I help other communities?

There are communities all over the world that need support. You don’t need to cross the ocean to find them – sometimes help is needed just outside your door. While our focus is to enable communities to develop sustainable lifestyles, you can also contribute in other ways. Look for local charities to support (here’s a great source: http://www.createthegood.org)

Does Choki only support art?

Choki strives to support whatever the community needs. The first place we’ve worked with, Bhutan, has an art-centered culture, and many of their needs were within that trade. So while we’ve ended up with a lot of ties to art, we are not limited to that.

How can I donate?

While fundraising is not our number one goal, Choki appreciates and welcomes your donations. You can donate directly to one of our causes, purchase goods directly from the communities through our Etsy store, or donate your time through volunteering. Please check out our Donate tab for more information.

Where do my donations go?

We are a self-funded organization, so 100% of your donation goes to the community. Choki works for the benefit of all at the expense of none, so you won’t see us pocketing any of the proceeds. You can fund a direct cause (check these out at the Our Causes tab), make a general donation, or purchase goods from the communities through our Etsy store.

Has Choki had any success?

Choki is a young nonprofit, but we are already seeing success in the communities we’re involved with. We continue to see growth in the Choki Traditional Art School and the Choki’s Women Cooperative in Bhutan, and we were able to complete the Nalanda Monastery classroom build. With the help and support of volunteers, we’ve hosted art exhibits in New York, Denver and London which have raised funds for the artists. Our successes have allowed us to expand into other areas, like the Azores, where we can continue enabling communities in need. Every dollar and minute provided to Choki allows us to give success and opportunity to the world.


If you have any other questions, please let us know!