Beautification as a Path to Economic Sustainability and Environmental Conservation

Choki has developed several projects and initiatives related to flower farming for the benefit of the island of Flores. A flower culture in the island of Flores is rational as its environmental conditions are ideal to create the most beautiful flower gardens in the world. Currently, subsidized cow farming has only impoverished the population and degraded the environment further demeaning the quality of life of the community.

Flower farming is a low impact, high value economic opportunity in which develops a healthy culture, as well as a lucrative economy that increases revenue and demand of high quality tourism by thousands of percent.

Choki researched and participated in the largest flower trade show of the world to connect with flower traders from around the world and introduce the island of Flores to an international market. Flower traders included participants from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Dubai, Colombia, Kenya, among many others.

The Director of the Agricultural Department of Portugal shared with Choki support of the promotion of organic agricultural practices for the benefit of Flores island and expressed interest of participation.

Introducing the ´Flores needs Flowers´ Campaign

The campaign “Flores needs Flowers” was developed and shared with European community members to create a flower market economy that supports and benefits all community members in an island wide social business model that ensures that all members benefit from equal effort and participation.

The outcome of a flower farming based economy develops an immense variety of opportunities.

  • Growing, processing, and marketing of organic edible flowers.
  • Development of flower gardens as high end value attractions.
  • Artisan production of flower by-products for comestics and medicinal purposes.

Flores needs Flowers Campaign

Flores Island’s greatest natural resource is its natural beauty. Visitors from around the world visit Flores for its unbeatable waterfall landscapes, inspiration, and unparallel standard of living in the modern world in cooperation with nature.

In order to contribute to the beauty that is Flores, is to assist in beautifying the human household with more flowers throughout the community. More flowers will contribute to aesthetic beauty benefiting everyone in Flores, which is the economic driver of tourism, further contributing to the economic well being and Flores’ potential to be known throughout the world as the most beautiful island.

What is Beautification?

Beautification in the UNESCO Island Biosphere Reserve of Flores translates unto a more colorful and healthy environment, where flowers play an important role in the beautification process and overall sustainable marketing plan of the Island of Flores. Beautification includes projects that make our parks, public spaces, and communities more attractive for the benefit of all potential tourists and community.

Outcomes include:

  • Increased niche tourism to attract high quality tourism participants that care about the environment and value natural beauty.
  • Enhance community pride with a unique culture of flowers in the island of flowers.
  • Flower investment satisfaction will only increase throughout the years as bulbs can be traded throughout the community to diversify colors and preferences.

Why Beautification Matters

Studies support that spaces in which are clean that have trees and flowers make people feel happier, relaxed, and safer. Beautification enhancements provide benefit for businesses, residents, and attracts high end tourism. The wealthiest, healthiest, and safest places in the world value beautification as the top priority for its community members.

You can download the various flower projects that have been promoted internationally and at the Flores island local level.

Flores needs Flowers Campaign

Campaign shared with European members at the largest Flower Trade Show in the world in the Netherlands

Flores para as Flores

Proposal for OP Azores
Portuguese version available for download

International Flower Trade Show Association