The Azores are a beautiful group of volcanic islands off the coast of Portugal, with a population as vibrant and welcoming as the landscape. One of the islands, Flores, specifically caught our attention with its immense potential. The island of Flores is one of the world’s greatest environmental treasures, filled with a vibrant community, alive with intellectual energy and dedication of its members.

At Choki, we want to preserve the integrity of the pristine nature of the island and the spirit of its people under a platform called Das Flores. Through the Das Flores projects we also wish to extend an invitation to outstanding individuals to join a remarkable community of artists, intellectuals, and a culture deeply committed to nature and expanding the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding. Flores is a place that will shape by your presence as you form and test your own ideas, learn from peers, and expand your intellectual horizons while perfecting your passion.


The incredible island of Flores