At Choki, we recently sponsored a 21-day journey for photographer Donaldo Barros to discover and capture the beauty of Bhutan’s tradition, culture and people. Photos from Donaldo’s journey, titled, “In Search of Happiness: A Journey to the Last Shangri’la,” will travel to exhibits around the world in 2017.

 “It was an honor to collaborate with Donaldo on this journey, which will ultimately benefit the Bhutanese community and the world,” said Casey Hartnett, Founder of Choki. “Our hope at Choki is to inspire people to follow their passions and plant seeds to help communities around the world. Bhutan was the genesis for Choki as we were drawn in by the community’s joy in life. We wanted Donaldo to not only capture that happiness in his photos, but to experience it personally in his own spiritual journey.”

Through this journey, Choki asked Donaldo to be the lens through which the world could understand Bhutan, a beautiful landlocked country nestled in the Himalayas with some of the happiest people in the world. Donaldo had the opportunity to explore some of the most sacred sites of Bhutan while conveying his daily learnings of happiness and peace with the world through social media.

Throughout the year 2017, Donaldo’s photos will be shown in his traveling exhibit titled, ‘In Search of Happiness: A Journey to the Last Shangri-la.’ Through his art, the world will get a glimpse into what Donaldo got to witness first hand in beautiful, tradition-rich Bhutan.

If you would like to sponsor or host an exhibit, please send us a message.


Project Status: Complete