Elevating Beekeeping Standards Worldwide

The Flores Bee Sanctuary is a proposal with the goal of improving community living standards by learning to work in cooperation with Bee colonies in an ideal Bee friendly environment. The Flores Bee Sanctuary is a social business model that integrates honey farms, community, and economics for the benefit of all.

Bees are the most important living being on earth, and this is not an understatement.

The Flores Bee Sanctuary is more than traditional beekeeping, is a culture of beautification, health, and preservation.

“Bees are responsible for the existence of 85% of living plants.”

Bee colonies and honey are only the beginning, the possibilities and benefits of the community are endless.

Unfortunately, the ignorant use of corporate subsidized fertilizers and pesticides have led to the death of over 70% of the Bee population that ensures human survival. A decline that will ultimately contribute directly to a world food problem.

If seventy percent of all cattle were to die off, states of emergency would be declared. The death of bees is at least that dramatic and with even more far-reaching consequences.

The Flores Bee Sanctuary proposes a sustainable way of incrementing the bee population by thousands of percent while beautifying the landscape.

In other words, call it
The Honey Revolution.

Honey as one of the by-products of Bees is the most precious resources found in nature, it lasts forever, and is the oldest antibiotic known to man. The saying goes that without bees, humankind would not survive more
than four years.

How did we make it this far?

Thank the Bees.

Flores Bee Sanctuary

BEE Inspired.