What is ‘Nature is Home’?

Nature is Home’ is an international cultural-environmental phenomenon where art is the medium to raise awareness for the environment, build community pride, and create aesthetic value.

‘Nature is Home’ is a project aimed to bring natural art into the public sphere. Artwork over the course of history dating as far back as 30,000 BC has functioned as an important means of communication for members of a society as a means of pride and community in which they live.

Murals can have a positive impact on the attitudes of a community when they are added to areas where people live and work. Presence of large, public murals can add an aesthetic improvement to the daily lives of residents increasing creativity and stimulating new businesses.

Nature is Home film intends to bring awareness on environmental & cultural conservation worldwide.  

Humanity’s #1 priority.

The Film


Our Goal and How We Pursue it

Preservation and Promotion of Culture: Choki aims to develop cultural resilience, which can be understood as the culture’s capacity to maintain and develop cultural identity, knowledge, and practices. By reintroducing important cultural heritage, funding cooperatives to support economies, and spreading awareness of traditional goods to international markets, Choki can help create long-term sustainability of Flores.

Sustainable & Equitable Socio-Economic Development: Economic support is not about a one-time handout, but instead providing a sustainable source of income. Choki values a thriving economy and assists in funding local cooperatives, schools and businesses to teach trades and promote products. Choki is strengthened by local partnerships and community service programs.

Environmental Conservation: Choki aims to find solutions that are aligned with environmental conservation efforts, partnering with government institutions and businesses with a focus on sustainable practices. Choki creates sustainable strategies that involve projects such as organic farming and honey production.

Project Status: Complete