Our Goals

Planting Seeds: Choki dreams big, and we seriously plan to make the world a better place. But we can’t do it alone. Our desire is that each person is inspired to a commitment of creating peaceful living around the world. You don’t need to go across the globe to make a difference – there are diverse communities all around you that need empowerment. Or you can join with us by volunteering or funding some of our current projects. Check out some of the different ways you can get involved in local and global communities here (have link to Ways to Help).

Spreading Peace and Happiness: Our name is a constant reminder of our purpose – to bring peace and happiness to a world in need. We invite everyone to participate in this mission, whether on a large or more local scale. Spreading peace can be as simple as smiling at a passing stranger or as involved as moving to and helping support a third world country. Whatever your pace, help us save the world by living Choki.

Preserving Culture and Tradition: Globalization is threatening the culture and traditions of some of the most sacred places left in the world. Without support, these traditions can become obsolete. Choki aims to empower communities to maintain their beliefs and diversity by rebuilding important grounds, funding cooperatives to support economies, and spreading awareness of local goods being sold. Choki wants to accomplish a world of “I believe,” with the purpose to share the beauty of traditional arts and culture with the world.

Stimulating Economic Opportunity: Economic support is not about a one-time handout, but instead providing a sustainable source of income. The economic opportunities are provided only to the world’s poorest communities, who otherwise may continue to suffer the cycle of poverty. Choki assists in funding local cooperatives, schools and businesses to teach trades and promote products. This support aids in long term economic security.

Selling Art Products: Art serves as communication for the improvement of society, social relationships, consciousness and a greater understanding of the human experience. Our goal is to subsidize traditional artists from distressed backgrounds to do the work they love. This will raise awareness of their communities and cultures internationally through their artwork. The pieces are then auctioned with all proceeds returned to the artists’ communities for sustainable development projects.

By revealing to the developed world the beauty of secluded cultures that exist, we believe we can help sustain tradition. Each donation and piece of art sold helps a community with the foundations that they need for life and human development.

Help us work for a better world!