7 Gut Instincts You Should Always Pay Attention To. Don’t Ever Ignore Your Gut

Do you ever just have a strong feeling about something or someone, that tells you that something is right or wrong, and you don’t know why?  This is your “GUT INSTINCT” guiding you and you need to pay attention to it.  It has nothing to do with logic…it’s just a powerful feeling that we all get that is known as our INTUITION.

Honing the intuitions we have, varies from individual to individual, and is a good predictor of how successful a person is in all aspects of their lives!  Our gut instincts are literally our “BELLY BAROMETERS”; it is more than a feeling that exists in our bodies that tells us whether to proceed or not!

Our gut instinct is like a second brain we are all born with; if we pay close attention to what it is telling us we will proceed through life armed with SUPER ABILITIES!  The VIDEO you are about to watch below is a TED TALK that discusses the importance of developing your intuitions and how they can “MAKE YOU A SUPERHERO OF YOUR GUT INSTINCTS!”

There are 7 GUT INSTINCTS we should NEVER IGNORE:

1. You are somewhere and everything looks fine but your gut is telling you that “SOMETHING FEELS OFF”, despite the fact that there is no logic to support that feeling.  Logic has nothing to do with it.  Don’t worry about other people evaluating your decision; they might think you’re “just being crazy” because they aren’t picking up what you are.

2. Something or someone just FEELS RIGHT TO YOU, even though you logically don’t know why.

3. You are in an intimate relationship with someone, and a LITTLE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD is telling you that YOU DON’T REALLY LOVE THEM.

4. You get the sense that something is “OFF WITH YOUR BODY”.  Pay attention to it whether it ends up being some illness or not, don’t ignore your gut feeling and get checked out.

5. You are in a situation and something tells you that THIS ISN’T GOING TO WORK!  Rather than discounting that inkling, know that something in your past experience is guiding you, and you might not know why in the moment.

6. You have a strong desire TO HELP SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW.  We are not only prewired to know that, but our unconscious observations as we go through life alert us to “just help that person”.

7. Something COMES NATURALLY TO YOU, go with the flow even though you’re not sure why. We tend to overthink things that can preclude experiencing success in our lives.

While our gut feelings about situations may not always be rational or even right, we should not categorically dismiss or ignore them.  Our intuitions are there to guide us through life.  Let us know your thoughts after watching the footage below.  Whether we tap into our unconscious observations that we make as we journey through our lives, can make a huge difference in our success or failure, in furthering our goals and aspirations in our relationships and careers.

Author: Sun Gazing – Awakening People


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