What Should I Do? 8 Signs You’re Making the Best Decision

Life is filled with a constant barrage of choices; every moment of every day we make thousands of them – from what to eat for breakfast to when to go to bed. Most of the choices we make are small and have little influence over us, but some of them are not; some are so big that they completely alter the course of our life.

Decisions such as where to go to school, what to study, who to marry, where to live, and what to do for a living shape the quality of life because  they determine whether we live up to our highest potential in a happy, suitable lifestyle, or whether we end up living a dull life of monotony, under-achievement, boredom, or sadness.

Choices like these can be hard to make. So, how do you make big decisions? How do you know which choices will work best for you, and which ones you should avoid? Luckily, we are all equipped with an internal guidance system via the flow of life energy. Here are 8 signs life offers to help you when you are facing a big decision.

Synchronicity Increases
You will notice an increase in synchronicity when you are considering a choice that will uplift your life. You might hear a song on a radio, hear a conversation, see a show on television, or come across information that correlates to your decision.

Pay attention to these and recognize them as the positive signs they are meant to be.

Progress Seems Smooth
The highest choices for you will lift you up and entice you, they won’t make life more difficult and cause you to suffer. When you are heading in the best direction, things will flow smoothly, doors will magically open, and there will be an easy flow to the way everything proceeds. This is not to say you won’t have to work hard, or that everything will be easy and things will fall freely into your lap, but if your decision seems wrought with obstacles, it may not be the choice for you. Instead choose the path that opens effortlessly before you.

Inspiration and Creativity Flows
As creative beings we each feel our best when we can use our talents and gifts to make things that we can share with others. When you are facing a high life choice you will feel more open, vibrant and creatively inspired.  In fact, if this one indication alone is present for you when facing a decision, you can trust that it is the right one for you. Your highest potential will always inspire creativity.

You Feel Calm and Grounded
There is a certain serenity to the flow of life energy when it is open and free. If, when contemplating one of your options, you notice that one makes you feel a bit more calm, grounded and centered, go with it! This is your internal guidance showing you the way. You will guarantee yourself more peace if you do.

Your Energy Increases
Even if you can only feel it a little bit, there is always one choice that stirs your energy more than the others. Consider your choices and follow the one that invigorates, motivates or uplifts you the most. It will be the one that creates a feeling of buoyancy within you, causing you to feel more amped-up and vibrant than usual. Simply put, if your heart feels light, you’ll know it’s right.

You Are Excited or Curious
The best option will feel more exciting, interesting or intriguing to you. Rather than scaring you to the point of dread, it will excite you in the same way you may have felt when you were a child and had the butterflies-in-the-stomach experience before a birthday or happy event. Follow the choice that excites you, peaks your curiosity, or even scares you a little, for this is life telling you to live it.

You Can Imagine Limitless Possibility
Life energy loves expansion. The best choices for you will guide you to push your boundaries beyond your current comfort zone and limitations, in order to lead you to a future of unlimited potential, opportunity and happiness. If the choice you are considering inspires your imagination, showing you new paths you may not have ever considered, it’s a sign you are being lead toward expansion and the realization of a higher purpose.

Something Clicks
It doesn’t happen with every choice, but once in a while you’ll feel a certainty with a decision, as if something just clicks into place. You won’t have any doubt about what you are choosing because you’ll experience a distinct knowing that this is the best option for you. Recognize this when it happens and you’ll increase the chances of it happening again, making your future life choices much easier to make.

You exist as a being of energy vibrating on it’s own unique spectrum. In every moment you live, you have the option to experience any point on that spectrum you choose. Your highest potential is at the top of the spectrum, where energy vibrates at its maximum frequencies. It is here, at the top, that you meet your highest life purpose. If you can trust life and follow the path of your energy to the pinnacle of your spectrum, you will be lead to a lighter, happier, more fulfilling way of being. Practice following your energy by watching for these signs, and choose your way to your own best life.

Author: Susan L. Magine – Awakening People 


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