7 Ways to Revitalize Your Passion for Life in Turbulent Times

IN BRIEF: The difference between maintaining your zeal for life and heartbreaking disillusionment during turbulent times ultimately begins with you and where you are placing your focus. Here are seven proactive life responses for the most common reasons why you might feel your passion for life slipping away.

Thanks to social media, you’ve survived the “me” generation. “Me” exploded into “we” and a socially conscious generation was born. What was once considered personal fulfillment has changed for the better.

Undoubtedly, your hopes and dreams are different than they once were. Change is occurring at such speeds, you might not be sure of what to wish for except for a global group hug.

“Despite what the evening news would have you believe, your prospects for a higher quality of life are opening wide as we consciously merge mind, body, and spirit — including science.”

A new science is emerging linking happiness to our well-being. According to the “World Happiness Report 2017,” published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), the United States ranks 14th in the world.

The difference between maintaining your zeal for life and heartbreaking disillusionment during turbulent times ultimately begins with you and where you are placing your focus.

What is the common thread of personal well-being, or even the ever-elusive personal fulfillment?

Here are seven proactive life responses for the most common reasons why you might feel your passion for life slipping away.

Celebrate failure. Feeling cynical or defeated, or that your hard work is not paying off? When there is a disappointment in life, seeing everything as an opportunity will keep you invigorated and challenged in a good way. The ability to adapt and learn is vital to living the good life. The path to success is shared with the path of failure. Celebrate every step of the journey.

Make a living or live brilliantly? Making a living becomes complicated when you wish to live like someone else. Materialism and title are fake substitutes for real affluence — the ability to inspire people. Make a list of what you admire and begin to make changes in your life to reflect your values.

Simplify, minimize, and let go of clutter. The economy provides us with the sustenance of life, but when it becomes the goal, you work like a machine mortgaging your life, losing your passion for living. Investigate new markets that allow you greater life flexibility through stewardship rather than ownership.

Rediscover your inner child through exploration of your inner world. Innovation and automation have provided us with more free time than we’ve ever had. Instead of TV, smartphones, information, and shopping, regain a sense of wonder by looking at every day as another opportunity to explore and learn about your inner world. Focus and your natural state of happiness are cultivated through meditation, prayer, and contemplation.

Be a beacon of light despite a chaotic world. Living the good life is being peaceful even when those around you are stirring the pot. When others engage in negativity, don’t get sucked in. Consider ending support of violent media content. Become response-able for you and your corner of the world. Seek common ground with those you come into contact with by supporting needed change.

Reconnect with nature. Do you ever walk your neighbourhood and ask where all the people are? When was the last time you roamed a nature trail? Technology is nice, but it’s not nicer than a sense of community and all the wisdom and health benefits hidden in nature’s vastness. If you’ve forgotten this, stop what you’re doing right now. Come back in 30 minutes and report your findings.

Include service to others in your weekly schedule. Self-love and self-care are certainly important, but keeping a healthy balance between ego and selflessness is the heart of personal fulfillment. In a synergetic world, personal fulfillment and social responsibility are intimately connected. Try volunteering just eight hours a month to discover what you would grumble about at minimum wage. It is a gift — the most exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling gift you could ever give — the gift of you!

Your passion for life can never be taken away from you — unless you take away your focus. Focus is the key to the mastery of life as an ongoing practice.

“Finding balance between economic, social, and environmental objectives is key to personal and community well-being and happiness.”

Let go of the non-essentials.

Keep your focus on your internal compass help you maintain external balance.

Merging mind, body, and spirit, you become joyful, the gratitude flowing just for being alive.

Embrace life from every angle and finally begin to thrive!

Putting your heart into everything you do, your passion for life becoming voracious — this is your brilliant future here, now.

You were made for this. You can do it!

Author: Christine Horner – Collective Evolution


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What Actually Makes Us Happy? Lessons From The Longest Study On Happiness (Video)

What is the key to a happy and healthy life? It’s a loaded question. Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, the director of a 75-year-old study on adult development, shared three important lessons learned from the study, along with some practical, age-old wisdom on building a long life of contentment in his Ted Talk, “What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness.”

During his talk, Waldinger discusses a survey of millennials on their most important life goals. He reveals that, among their biggest ones, they want to get rich and become famous.

“We’re given the impression that these are the things that we need to go after in order to have a good life,” he says. 

We’ve come to rely on hearsay as a means for distinguishing what happiness is. “But what if we could watch entire lives as they unfold through time? What if we could study people from the time that they were teenagers all the way into old age to see what really keeps people happy and healthy?” Waldinger asks.

We did that. The Harvard Study of Adult Development may be the longest study of adult life that’s ever been done. For 75 years, we’ve tracked the lives of 724 men, year after year, asking about their work, their home lives, their health, and of course asking all along the way without knowing how their life stories were going to turn out.”

But what’s been learned? The lessons aren’t about wealth, fame, or working harder. “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period,” he says. 

What Really Makes Us Happy?

The study has revealed some lessons about relationships. The first is that social interaction is necessary, as loneliness is a killer. Being more connected to family, friends, and community makes for happier, physically healthier, and longer lives compared to people who are less well-connected.

People who are isolated experience a decline in health earlier than those who are sociable. Their brain functioning declines, and their lives are shorter. “And the sad fact is that at any given time,more than one in five Americans will report that they’re lonely,” Waldinger notes. 

The study also discovered that living in the midst of conflict is extremely bad for our health.”High-conflict marriages, for example, without much affection, turn out to be very bad for our health, perhaps worse than getting divorced. And living in the midst of good, warm relationships is protective.”

When you think about it, the idea that good, close relationships are the key to happiness and health seems so much more achievable, so much simpler, than anything else. It’s wisdom as old as the hills, but seems so hard for us to get. Why? “Well, we’re human. What we’d really like is a quick fix,something we can get that’ll make our lives good and keep them that way.”

Messy and complicated things scare us, like relationships. But the people in the study who were the happiest in retirement were those who had actively worked to replace workmates with new playmates. And while they had once also believed fame, wealth, and high achievement were the answers to a good life, the study found over and over again that those who fared the best were the ones who came to the realization that they needed relationships — with family, with friends, with community — to survive and thrive.

And how can we begin? According to Waldinger, the possibilities are endless. It could be as simple as doing something new with your partner, or reaching out to a family member you haven’t spoken to in years.

Watch the full talk below:


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Author: Alexa Erickson – Collective Evolution

A journey to the last Shangri-La

The search for Shangri-la has come to symbolize the pursuit of happiness inside one’s heart more than a geographic location. But what if someone traveled to the origin of the mythical paradise to find the secret to happiness? And what if they shared that journey with the world through a stunning international photo exhibition?

That’s exactly what is occurring today.

Join motivational speaker, photographer, author and FIFA agent Donaldo Barros during his day journey to Bhutan. Sponsored by the non-profit Choki, Donaldo is traveling to one of the most inaccessible and unknown destinations in the world.

Why is he undertaking this dangerous and arduous journey? To find the secret of true happiness and use it to inspire positive change in the world.

The images that will return with him are from places never photographed. The spiritual awaking could be stunning. Between his photos and observations, the lessons shared could help transform a world rife with conflict.

During his journey, Donaldo will explore some of the most sacred sites of Bhutan, while conveying what he learns daily on social media. Barros hopes that his visit to the land of the “Thunder Dragon” will encourage people to learn about Bhutanese teachings from the place that has the highest happiness quotient in the world.

“People have become bitterly cynical and so many believe that the world cannot be changed for the good,” said Barros. “Going to Bhutan gives me the opportunity to prove that the impossible exists until someone makes it possible. During my trip, I hope to find answers as to how we can change the world in a positive way. This trip is my contribution in my efforts to do so.”

Barros will begin in the spiritual center of Punakha where he will visit the classroom supported by Choki at the Nalanda Buddhist Institute. There, he will spend several days learning from the lamas and interacting with the monks. Then, he will head north venturing to Gasa within the highlands of the Himalayas. He will spend the next 19 days trekking old footpaths to sites that are treasures of this world. His trusty camera will chronicle the journey while his blog entries will share his transformation.

Choki is collaborating with Donaldo Barros on this journey to benefit the Bhutanese community and the world. Donaldo will document his trip through social media and a series of photos that will be the basis of a traveling exhibit later this year. Through Donaldo’s vision, Choki hopes to create an appreciation of the Bhutanese people by communicating their beliefs and values to what can create true happiness with the world.

Travel with us through his journey at our Facebook page or our Instagram. We will see you on the trail with Donaldo.

To know more about Choki, visit www.choki.org

In Search of Happiness: A Journey to the Last Shangri-la

Choki Nonprofit, for the benefit of all at the expense of none, is proud to sponsor Motivational Speaker, Photographer, Author, Fifa Agent and Spiritual Seeker, Donaldo Barros for a 21 day journey to Bhutan, one of the most inaccessible and unknown destinations in the world. Following the footsteps of Buddha’s teachings personally, Donaldo seeks the secret of true happiness to be used as an aid and inspiration to all. During his journey, Donaldo will be exploring some of the most sacred sites of Bhutan, while conveying his daily teachings of beauty and culture daily on social media with the world.

Barros believes that his visit to the land of the Thunder Dragon will encourage people to learn about the teachings of Bhutan for the world. “I feel that going to Bhutan is like having in my hands a proof of the statement: ‘The impossible exists until someone makes it possible’. With this opportunity there will be pages written that will be part of tomorrow’s history and that makes my responsibility even bigger. Do we want to change the world for good? This trip is my contribution in my efforts to do so, said Barros.”

During his journey, Barros will begin in the spiritual center of Punakha where he will visit the classroom supported by Choki at the Nalanda Buddhist Institute. There, he will spend several days learning from the lamas and interacting with the monks. Then, he will head north venturing to Gasa within the highlands of the Himalayas, where he will spend the next 19 days traveling by old footpaths to sites that are treasures of this world.

At Choki, we are excited to be collaborating with Donaldo Barros on this journey to benefit the Bhutanese community and the world. Through Donaldo’s vision and Bhutanese values, Choki hopes to express deep understanding of the Bhutanese people, by communicating the underlying causes of true happiness with the world.

Follow this amazing journey from Monday, May 16th through our Choki’s Fanpage or Choki’s Instagram @choki_org and stay tuned to discover what this great adventure might teach us.

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Donaldo Barros – Established Motivational Speaker, Photographer, Author, and Spiritual Seeker

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How to Speak with the Earth and Awaken Your Consciousness

We have all heard stories of ancient civilizations – of temples, of priests, of sacrifices to the gods. We have heard stories of ancient wisdom traditions and their practices and myths. Yet, what if this cultural heritage has more to teach us than what has been discovered from an archaeological dig? What if our current interpretations – as perceived through western cultural affiliations – simply have not been sufficient to untangle the mystery of esoteric knowledge that these stories contain? What if the understanding that is truly available transcends time and space, transcends belief systems and even the structure of our own “conditioned” mind – a conditioned mind, which has been molded to receive and comply with overt and psychic messages of societal philosophy, form and function?

What if the world, as we know it, is a by-product of our conditioning? A conditioning which posits the framework of a limiting worldview upon the psyche – almost as though we were to wear a helmet with blinders connected to it; like, that which a racehorse would wear to keep out the distractions.

What if it is possible to regain this lost knowledge? What if it is possible to remember what we once knew, not from a book or a group of scholars but from the energetic field of the earth – from your own energetic field in which all wisdom from all times is contained?

What? Yes! Yes! Yes!

All wisdom from all time is contained in the energetic field of the earth – in your energetic field – in a timeless, spaceless matrix of vibration, that has even crystalized into who you are in physical form. You are a by-product of this energetic blueprint in which your very existence holds the key to a particular gateway of consciousness, through which you have the capacity to access all the wisdom contained therein.

This is Deep!

So deep, in fact, it is the birthplace of creation. The entry point into the Hunab-Ku – the Cosmic Butterfly; the Great Void; the womb of creation; the Heart of Madre Divina – the mother of existence, herself. Native traditions, the world over understood this depth, and their own materialization from “out” of the “within”. They understood their interconnectedness with life, they understood the cosmic ebb and flow of which they were a part. They understood the dance of creation, and they understood their role as custodians and travelers in and through this realm. They understood the intricate and subtle weaving together of the seen and the unseen world, which they were taught from an early age. In fact, they never forgot, since they were born into a world that remembered with them.

So, the Question Now Becomes: How Do We Remember?

The answer is a simple energetic of awareness. Where attention goes, energy flows.

We spend a lot of our attention units on making money, buying stuff, getting the perfect relationship, facebook, etc. And we receive back dividends from this attention exchange. Well, the energy matrix works on these same principles. Where we place our attention pays us dividends.

I Discovered This Process Through Sungazing — and I Was Super Surprised at What I Found!

My friend suggested that we sungaze every morning – like forever! I said, “I’m NOT a morning person – but I’ll try it for 6 weeks!” (BTW – now I AM a morning person). So, I began waking up before dawn and standing on the earth with my bare feet – looking at the sun for 30 seconds as it rose from the horizon. I held my hands down by my sides in an open position. I breathed the sunlight into my hands and into my heart and I felt the connection to the earth. Then I closed my eyes and continued to feel the connection with the sun – with its warmth, with its glow – and continued to feel the steadfastness of the earth. Note: Once I got connected to the sun, I realized that I could find its radiance even on a cloudy morning, or from bed, if I didn’t make it out of the house in time to catch it rising.

After several minutes of this connection, I sat down on the earth, placed my hands with my palms facing the ground, and began to flow energy, Love and gratitude to this vibrant, alive being – our planet. I would really feel myself connecting, all the way to the core of the Earth. I would say, “I love you. I love you. I love you.” and be present here, flowing my Love with the innocence of a child. I would do this for several minutes.

Then I would ask, where do you need my prayers? My attention would go to the ocean, or the trees, or mothers in childbirth, or the air, etc. I would then flow my energy, Love and gratitude to whatever would come up – one at a time.


This Filled Me With So Much Energy That I Was Happy to Do It!

After a couple days, I started to feel an interconnectedness with all of life. After a couple weeks I started to hear the earth talking back! It was subtle at first. Just little glimpses of knowings, chills at certain moments of connection. But it evolved into complex teachings about the planetary system of our galaxy, the laws of the universe, the principles of giving, the laws of balance, thestructure of consciousness.

This is how I was taught that all wisdom was contained in the energetic field of the earth. I would often go to certain texts or ask people in certain spiritual traditions about the information that I had received. I would get confirmation after confirmation. I had the awareness that all of creation is alive – and that based on where we place our attention and focus, we can engage in conversation and hence, access the information contained therein, even if it’s with a mountain or with an eagle. When we give our energy – we enter the conversation.

This is So Important on So Many Levels!

Especially important in this time and space, with the social, economic and political climate in which we find ourselves! The earth needs us! She needs our listening, she needs our alignment, she needs our energy, she needs our responsibility, she needs our action in order for life to keep going!

Right now, humankind is in the midst of a dream, a conditioned reality – a dream created by collective belief and fed by the desire for power and control. But this dream is destroying the world that houses it! We need to wake up because a new dream is coming! It is being brought by the great messengers of the Cosmos, through our children, through our heart’s desires, through native prophesies, through a myriad of beings in the seen and the unseen world, through the planet itself!

This new dream is a dream of Love, of Peace, of Harmony, of Goodness, of Care for one another. It is a dream that is contained in a certain vibration – that we can step into instantaneously when our connection to the planet is repaired. When we give our energy, our Love, our attention, our actions, our words, our thoughts and our feelings to the service of the Earth and of one another, this repairs our connection and repairs our memory of the true nature of reality. It connects us once again with the wisdom contained in the energetic field of the planet.

We then experience directly, the wisdom of the past and the wisdom of the future. We then understand how to walk in the world without leaving a footprint. We then embrace the fragility of life and regain our role as custodians and caretakers.

We are Being Asked to Listen!

We are being asked to hear! For our own survival. So I invite you to remember! See what happens!


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Author: Karen Seva – Wake Up World


Does Positive Thinking Free Us From the Matrix?

On a bleak weekday of your spiritual journey you arrive home, full of stress and frustration, and open the mailbox. It is, as usual, full of advertising brochures. You are about to throw them all in the dustbin, but what you read on the cover of one of them raises your attention. You read the following:

Positive thinking makes you happy! Happy, because you can always look at yourself like you are looking at a miracle. Positive thinking is the magnet of happiness. If you think of something, you will start attracting it. If your thoughts are beautiful, you will attract beautiful things, whereas if you are looking at the world pessimistically, your whole life will be a tragedy. Change it, and you will be happy!

Yes, that is what is missing from your life: happiness!

You read the rest of the text on the page with interest, the five main points of positive thinking are:

  1. I am existing in this world in order to fulfill my mission.
  2. I achieve what I really want–I want things that are positive for me and advance me in life.
  3. In the course of my development I need practice, experience and insight.
  4. I am able to convert my negative emotions and thoughts into positive ones.
  5. I am capable of loving myself, even with my weaknesses and faults.

If you wish to experience these five points, your life will be happier, more wholesome and harmonic.

You are invigorated by what you have read, you believe that you are feeling alive, first time for several days, and the world around you is beautiful. You decide that from now on you will think positively, and with the power of positive thinking you will be able to change your life.

But is that really true?

Lets have a closer look at those positive thoughts:

I Am Existing in This World in Order to Fulfill My Mission

In order to fulfill our mission, we need to know in the first place what our mission is!

During our Spiritual Journey, our mind has set up a number of goals and objectives for us. We have often believed “yes, that is it, that is the real thing”, but finally we realized with disappointment that it was not the case. What is the guarantee that the new goal set up in front of us by our mind and positive thinking, will really change our life? We do not even have a chance to see that, as long as we seek for the mission of our life in the world of shapes and forms.

Still, this endless chase for unfulfilled desires is not entirely useless as, after a while we get tired on our Journey, and realize the futility of the eternal tread-wheel.

I Achieve What I Really Want – I Want Things That are Positive for Me and Advance Me in Life

This idea further refines the notion of our mission, as we are allegedly attracted to things that advance us on our Journey towards fulfilling our mission. Have you ever thought about whose ideas these really are, who wants to achieve advantages?

Even a brief self-analysis will reveal that these ideas are dictated by the Ego-dominated mind. As long as the glue of identification binds us to the mind on our Journey, these are in fact our own ideas, and they forge our ambitions. Where these ambitions take us is something that we have seen at the mind games. Sometimes we get so hopelessly stuck in the net of the world of shapes and forms that only the death is able to get us out of there.

But if we recognize the trap, we may even experience our disappointments on our Spiritual Journey in a way that the disappointments effectively dissolve the glue of our identifications. Positive thinking is therefore not primarily useful for us and our Ego-dominated mind, but much more so for the awakening of the Consciousness.

In the Course of My Development I Need Practice, Experience and Insight

From early infancy, we have been brought up with the concept that we are not perfect, we need to develop, we need experience and insight in order to be better and more perfect. That social conditioning is the reason why we almost all fall into the trap and we believe we are able to achieve perfection in the world of shapes and forms. The eternal law of shapes and forms is, however, that a specific form is born, it flourishes and then dies, to give its place to the new ones.

There is no place for eternal perfection in the world of forms and shapes, and we look for it in vain on our spiritual Journey. Insight and practice are necessary to the final experience that will make us recognize that perfection is not to be found in the world of the mind, in the world of forms and shapes, and it cannot be grabbed by our thoughts.

I Am Able to Convert My Negative Emotions and Thoughts Into Positive Ones

The technique of positive thinking is not able to change you. All that happens is that it suppresses the negative dimensions of your personality. Positive thinking does not mean more than relegating negative ideas, thoughts and emotions into the unconscious level of our mind. Once ideas disturbing us or others have been suppressed, we condition our conscious mind with positive thoughts.

Osho asserts that the problem with this solution is that our unconscious mind is more powerful, nine times larger than the conscious one. As soon as we relegate an idea down there, it will be nine times more powerful than it used to be. It will not be there in the old way, but it will find new manifestations.

If you suppress some negative idea or emotion, just because you find irritating, even you yourself may be aware that it is only self-deception. Deep inside you the suppressed idea of emotion continues to work, and at the conscious level of your mind you are trying to make it look nicer. On the surface you may smile, but this smile is only skin deep.

If you are able to exceed that situation, reaching beyond the mind, you will always be able to look at the process as an external observer, and realize that positive thinking levies heavy the burdens of suppressed, internal tensions on your personality. These suppressed tensions may burst out like a volcanic eruption one day.

I Am Capable of Loving Myself, Even With My Weaknesses and Faults

This love is perhaps not the unselfish love of accepting ourselves; it largely depends upon the efficiency of the implementation of the first five points. If I am successful in positive thinking, if I am able to use this method successfully in my life, I have every reason to love myself. If I am unsuccessful, the love of myself may easily turn into disappointment and despair.

The latter has, we must realize, a much greater likelihood than reaching altitudes never experienced before as a result of positive thinking. We may conquer one peak or two, but as we have discussed previously, in the world of shapes and forms not success but change is the permanent tendency.

Consciousness without Choice

As a conclusion we may say that positive thinking may render a good service to us, though not in the way we originally expected. The impossibility of implementing positive thinking in the world of forms and shapes and the failures rooted in it may shatter or quiet the Ego-dominated mind, and open up the way to the re-emergence of a new mental ability.

On our Journey, we must acquire a new Consciousness which is neither positive, nor negative; that of Consciousness, the Witness, the Spectator without having to choose. It is the Pure Consciousness, which will completely re-shape your entire life.

You will astounded to see that if you stay as a Witness in the world of shapes and forms, in the Consciousness without having to choose, as a Spectator, how intensively will something appear in your soul. Something that points beyond both positive and negative, something higher than both.


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Author: Frank M. Wanderer, Ph.D l Wake Up World

8 Things Emotionally Stable People Don’t Do

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions.  I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”
―Oscar Wilde

  1. They don’t take other people’s behavior personally.

It’s easy to feel unloved and unwanted when people aren’t able to communicate and connect with you in the way you expect.  And it’s so hard not to internalize that disconnection as a reflection on your worth.  But the truth is, the way other people behave and function is not about you.  Most people are so caught up in their own problems, responsibilities and struggles, that the thought of asking you how you’re doing doesn’t even cross their mind.  They aren’t being mean or uncaring – they’re just busy and a bit self-centered at times.  And that’s OK.  It’s not evidence of some fundamental flaw on your part.  It doesn’t make you unlovable or unworthy.  It just means that some people aren’t very good at looking beyond their own egocentric bubble.  But the fact that you are – that despite the darkness you feel, you have the ability to share your love and light with others – is an incredible strength.

  1. They don’t get caught up in petty arguments and drama.

Being strong and emotionally stable doesn’t mean you have to stay and fight all the battles and petty arguments that come your way.  It means just the opposite – you don’t have to stay and respond to other people’s rude remarks and unnecessary hostility.  When you encounter someone with a bad attitude, don’t respond by throwing insults back at them.  Keep your dignity and don’t lower yourself to their level.  True strength is being bold enough to walk away from the nonsense with your head held high.

  1. They don’t just react (they respond mindfully).

A reaction is a hot, thoughtless, in-the-moment burst of emotion that’s usually driven by our ego (we’re more likely to react when we’re disconnected from our rational mind).  It might last just a split second before our intuition kicks in and offers some perspective, or it might take over to the point that we act on it.  When we feel angry or flustered after dealing with a situation or person, that’s a sign we’ve reacted rather than responded mindfully.   Responding mindfully will leave you feeling like you handled things with integrity and poise.

  1. They don’t get stuck thinking the world is ending.

Sometimes the darkest times can bring you to the brightest places, your most painful struggles can grant you the greatest growth, and the most heartbreaking losses of relationships can make room for the most wonderful people.  What seems like a curse at the moment can actually be a blessing in disguise, and what seems like the end of the road is actually just the realization that you are meant to travel a different path.  No matter how difficult things seem, there’s always hope.  And no matter how powerless you feel or how horrible things seem, you can’t give up.  You have to keep going.  Even when it’s scary, even when all your strength seems gone, you have to keep picking yourself back up and moving forward, because whatever you’re battling in the moment, it will pass, and you will make it through.  You’ve made it this far, and you’ve felt this way before.  Think about it.  Remember that time awhile back when you thought the world was ending?  It didn’t.  And it isn’t ending this time either.

  1. They don’t tie their present emotions to past negativity.

When we’re in the ‘here and now,’ it’s much easier to cope with emotions and see them as just that: emotions.  If we get caught up obsessing over the past, emotions and situations can take on new (and untrue) meanings as they become attached to stories.  For example, imagine you just got turned down for a new job.  Naturally you’re disappointed.  But if you’re not present with that emotion, and instead try to act like a tough girl or guy by burying it, the mind delves back into your past for all the other times you’ve felt that way.  Now you feel like a failure and you start to carry a feeling of unworthiness into every future job interview.  When we stay present, we’re empowered to start fresh every moment and we can see every situation with a sharpened perspective, which allows us to grow beyond the negative emotions (and outcomes) standing in our way.

  1. They don’t try to escape change.

Sometimes, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel to admit it, there are things in our lives that aren’t meant to stay.  Change may not be what we want, but it’s always exactly what’s happening.  The Earth does not stop spinning.  And sometimes saying goodbye is the hardest thing you will ever have to do.  Or, saying hello will make you more vulnerable and uneasy than you ever thought possible.  Some changes are almost too much to bear.  But most of the time, change is the only thing that will save your life and allow you to dream and grow and succeed and smile again.  Life changes every single moment, and so can you.

  1. They don’t try (or pretend) to be perfect.

Despite what others may tell you, you can disappoint people and still be good enough.  You can fail and still be smart, capable and talented.  You can let people down and still be worthwhile and deserving of love and admiration.  Everyone has disappointed someone they care about at some point.  Everyone messes up, lets people down, and makes mistakes.  Not because we’re all inadequate or inept, but because we’re all imperfect and human.  Expecting anything different is setting yourself up for confusion and disappointment.

  1. They don’t spew hate at themselves.

When you catch yourself drowning in self-hate, you must remind yourself that you were not born feeling this way.  That at some point in the past some person or experience sent you the message that something is wrong with you, and you internalized this lie and accepted it as your truth.  But that lie isn’t yours to carry, and those judgments aren’t about you.  And in the same way that you learned to think negatively of yourself, you can learn to think new, positive and self-loving thoughts.  You can learn to challenge those false beliefs, strip away their power, and reclaim your self-respect.  It won’t be easy, and it won’t transpire overnight.  But it is possible.  And it begins when you decide that there has to be a better way to live, and that you deserve to discover it.

Closing Thoughts

Looking after our emotional wellness helps us get the very most out of life.  When we feel emotionally stable, we feel more centered and connected to our intuition.  We become more productive, better at making decisions, more present, and more fulfilled.

So now that we’ve covered eight big “don’ts,” let’s close with a few rapid-fire “do’s” to improve your emotional stability and wellbeing in general…

Do… understand that the problem is not the problem – the problem is the incredible amount of over-thinking you’re doing with the problem.
Do… realize that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  Just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean it’s worth your while.  Do what’s right in life, not what’s easy.
Do… know there’s a big difference between empty fatigue and gratifying exhaustion.  Life is too short.  Invest in the activities you deeply care about.
Do… admit when you are wrong, and then embrace the fact that you are wiser now than you were before.
Do… say “no” so your yeses have more oomph.
Do… be so busy loving the people who love you that you don’t have time to worry about the few people who don’t like you for no good reason.
Do… focus more on being interested than being interesting.
Do… express gratitude and think about how rich you are – your family and friends are priceless, your time is gold, and your health is true wealth.
Do… realize that if the grass looks greener on the other side, it’s time to stop staring… stop comparing… stop complaining… and start watering the grass you’re standing on.
Do… be old enough to appreciate your freedom, and young enough to enjoy it.
Do… see transitions in life as the perfect opportunity to let go of one situation and embrace something even better coming your way.
Authors: Marc and Angel / Successful Flow

What Science Is Telling Us About The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

The wonderful and brilliant scientists over at the Institute of HeartMath have done some amazing work in shedding light on some very significant findings regarding the science of the heart.

The Institute of HeartMath is an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives. HeartMath tools, technology and training teach people to rely on the intelligence of their hearts in concert with their minds at home, school, work and play.

A large portion of their research has investigated heart and brain interaction. Researchers at the institute have examined how the heart and brain communicate with each other and how that affects our consciousness and the way in which we perceive our world.

Their research has shed light on a number of facts, one for example, is when a person is feeling really positive emotions like gratitude, love, or appreciation, that the heart beats out a very different message. They’ve been able to determine this by the fact that the heart beats out the largest electromagnetic field produced in the body, and they can gather data from it.

“Emotional information is actually coded and modulated into these fields. By learning to shift our emotions, we are changing the information coded into the magnetic fields that are radiated by the heart, and that can impact those around us. We are fundamentally and deeply connected with each other and the planet itself.” – Rolin McCratey , Ph.D, Director of Research at the Institute.

This is very important work, as again, it shows how the heart plays an important role far beyond what is commonly known. Did you know that your heart emits electromagnetic fields that change according to your emotions? Did you know that the human heart has a magnetic field that can be measured up to several feet away from the human body?  Did you know that positive emotions create physiological benefits in your body? Did you know that you can boost your immune system by conjuring up positive emotions? Did you know that negative emotions can create a nervous system chaos, and that positive emotions do the complete opposite?  Did you know that the heart has a system of neurons that have both short term and long term memory, and that their signals sent to the brain can affect our emotional experiences? Did you know that in fetal development, the heart forms and starts beating before the brain is developed?  Did you know that a mother’s brainwaves can synchronize to her baby’s heartbeats? Did you know that the heart sends more information to the brain than vice versa?

All of these facts, published researched papers and more can be accessed at heartmath.org

This Is Why It’s Important For The Human Race To Change The Way We Feel Inside

The Institute of HeartMath does a wonderful job in furthering the importance of why it’s critical for many of us to change the way we feel inside. Not much can be accomplished from a place of sadness, angst, sorrow and depression. Our current human experience, the everyday life we all seem to participate in does indeed take its toll on many. A lot of people are feeling that living the lifestyles we do, struggling to pay bills, constantly working and more is not a natural type of existence for the human race. It’s an experience which makes it hard to maintain a “high frequency” or positive state for some. What makes it even more perplexing is the fact that it doesn’t have to be this way, we are capable of so much more.

At the same time, we have a large number of people struggling to feed, clothe and shelter themselves. The Earth is being destroyed and our time to turn things around seems to be limited. This hard reality is still present on Earth, despite the number of solutions that have been identified which could alleviate these problems. It can be difficult to maintain a positive state of mind when we see so many things on our planet that need to change, but we cannot change what we would like to change unless we do it from a positive peaceful state.

Despite all of these experiences, many people experiencing them do manage to find inner peace and moments of joy regardless of their experience, which is quite remarkable. It’s all about perspective, seeing the bigger picture and changing the way you look at things.

Happiness is no doubt an inside job, but with a human experience that is not resonating with many it can be hard to maintain. This is evident in a variety of different areas where people are starting to stand up and demand change. More and more people are wanting to change this entire human experience on multiple levels, one where everybody can thrive, one where everybody can feel good, one where nobody has to suffer or feel negative emotions. If one is suffering, we all suffer, that’s the way we feel here at CE and it’s clear that many are resonating with that feeling.

The funny thing about our feelings is that, for the most part it’s a choice. We can change the way we feel just by changing our thoughts. Negative emotions about a person, place or certain experience in our lives or the planet are usually a result of the thoughts we have about them. At the end of the day, in the grander scheme of things it’s just a human experience, and all experiences are serving us proving opportunities for growth.

Bottom line, positive emotions, feelings of love, gratitude, compassion and more have a larger impact than what we could have ever imagined. These are all characteristics of consciousness, and as quantum physics is showing us, consciousness plays some sort of role in the creation of our reality. If this is true, how we feel certainly plays a large part, and with the research coming out at the Institute of HeartMath, it’s clear that feeling good and positive emotions (gratitude, love compassion) play a very important role when it comes to the nature of our reality and could be the fundamental key for global change.

A fundamental conclusion of the new physics also acknowledges that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a “mental” construction. Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual” –   (R. C. Henry, “The Mental Universe”; Nature 436:29, 2005, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University)


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Author: Arjun Walia / Collective Evolution


10 Choices That Lead to a Happy, Fulfilling Life

“Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.” – Aeschylus
I asked myself one question: “Do I want this year to look like the last one?”
The answer was an immediate and very solid no. I frantically began to analyze what I was doing with my life to get this reaction. I was unhappy, romantically, professionally, and socially.

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff; don’t sweat the big stuff.

I learned this after I had my wallet, passport, and camera stolen. Every day you will be faced with challenges that are both in and out of your control. Either way, there’s no sense in worrying about them.
If the situation is uncontrollable, whatever is going to happen, will. If you can control it, then take a deep breath and face it with a calm mind to make the process much easier. Worrying gets you nowhere. Hakuna Matata.

2. Do something every day that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Order and routine give us a sense of security. It feels nice to have familiarity, but it’s also hard to grow into the person you’re meant to be without pushing your limits and trying new things.
At one point, everything is new to us. The more experiences you expose yourself to, the higher probability you’ll find one your passionate about.

3. Live fully in each moment.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised. The only certain thing we have in life is right now, this very moment.
This is an important lesson I’ve learned when meditating with the monks throughout Thailand. They teach the significance of remaining mindful and the importance of acknowledging our senses.
By smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing, and hearing everything in our surroundings, we’re able to stay in the present, resulting in insight, a crucial stepping stone on the path to happiness. Life is incredibly beautiful when you slow down enough to enjoy it. Live in the moment, live for right now. This very moment is life.

4. Give gratitude any chance you can, and lots of it.

I really learned about gratitude when traveling through Indonesia. When once I would have complained about a bad Wi-Fi connection, I saw people just grateful for clean drinking water. It really puts things into perspective.
Take the time to remember how lucky you are. Even if it doesn’t feel this way, it could always be worse. Share love and gratitude every chance you can, and you’re left with an overwhelming feeling of abundance and happiness.

5. Remember, life is what’s happening while you’re busy on your cell phone.

Dining solo, I was left to master the art of people watching. What I observed was this: the happiest, loudest, and liveliest tables were those with cellphones tucked away. They were making memories and sharing stories and experiencing what life is all about.
They ate more slowly and stayed longer because there wasn’t anywhere they’d rather be. On the contrary, those with eyes glued to bright screens were quiet and quick to eat with emotionless expressions.
Next time you’re out, try leaving your phone in the car to thoroughly enjoy your company. If you can’t imagine a meal without technology, at least take a few moments to observe the difference between people on their phones and those who aren’t, and ask yourself, who’s table would you rather be sitting at?

6. Listen to your gut.

I’ve never been so in tune with myself as when I was on the road with no travel companion to interrupt my thoughts. There have been countless times when I’ve gotten myself out of sticky situations (or avoided them altogether) by listening to my “gut feeling” as a reliable and trustworthy source.
Silence the mind and listen to the body. Our gut is widely acknowledged as our second brain. If it feels wrong and you can’t exactly pinpoint why, it’s your intuition in physical form telling you it probably is. Listen to what it has to say.

7. Look for similarities.

Same same. In Bangkok, I probably heard this phrase nine thousand times, which inevitably led me to ponder its significance.
No matter where you go in the world, as different as we appear, we are much more similar to one another. We all have human emotions. Sadness and excitement are genetically programmed in us, and we all have the same end goal of happiness.
A smile and laughter are universal. When you meet someone new, look for similarities and it will form an intimate bond. You’ll begin to feel compassion and a connection to them. A feeling of connection gives you a sense of home no matter where you are.

8. Let go of the fear of not being accepted and let your true self come out.

Living abroad alone, I really embraced my inner weirdo. I laid out all the things I was hesitant to say and do before because I assumed no one would “get” me. The results? Confidence and self-respect.
You owe it to yourself to celebrate your uniqueness and be the truest version of you. Those who are meant to stick around will love you even more for it. Besides, weird people bring a lot to the table. Just saying.

9. Make time to reflect on relationships and make changes.

Being on a twelve-hour time difference and half a world away makes communication to home difficult, and perfect for relationship reflection. I really began to analyze the quality of my relationships, asking, “Do they feed my soul? Do we really have that much in common?”
Life is too short to spend time with anyone who exhausts you. Be selective with where your energy goes. For those who you decide to keep in your life, it’s important you show them how much they mean to you. Love and respect leads to quality relationships, which are the only ones worth having.

10. Know that no matter how far you travel in search of happiness, it can only be found in one place.

A monk at the Wat Mahathat in Bangkok said something I will never forget. “Why are you here in Thailand? To find happiness? You won’t find it here. I can’t give it to you. You can travel the world to find it, but there is only one place it can be found. It is found within.”
I had left home and traveled across the world to find happiness, but I never felt it until I became fully connected with myself.
Somewhere along the way I lost sight of the important things by forgetting my relationships, ignoring my gut, and worrying too much about the past and the future. None of these things served me.
True and lasting peace is found within. When you learn to be appreciative for what you have, embrace the present moment, and love fully, this is happiness. 


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One New Year’s Resolution That Can Transform Your Life – Forever!

We create New Year’s Resolutions as a way to start over and maybe even create a whole new us, but often, those promising resolutions fail before they ever really begin. Perhaps, we are just making the wrong resolutions.

What if there was one New Year’s Resolution that had the inherent ability to completely transform our lives? Instead of changing or improving something, what if we went to the core of all issues and weresolved it once and for all? What if you could reclaim your full connection to Who You Really Are?

Most of us operate in a perpetual state of disconnection to who we really are: aka higher self, source self, true self or whatever you may call it. Many of the challenges and issues in our lives could beresolved by simply getting connected and staying connected. Of course, we wouldn’t be alive if we weren’t connected at some level, but there is a big difference between minimal connection and full connection. When we are fully connected, we are aligned with something greater than us, and we are in sync with the natural rhythm of the universe.

When you are connected to the source of who you really are, you know it, because life flows with ease and grace. You can create what you desire, and you are joyful, peaceful and abundant. Everything in your life is a direct result of being connected or not connected. When you set your intention on getting connected first and foremost, you will also align with the realization of other resolutions that you may desire.

The less connected you are, the harder it is for the universe to answer your hopes, dreams and prayers – not because you are less deserving. You are always deserving, but rather because you are not plugged in and the energy cannot flow – therefore what you desire cannot manifest in your life. Manifestation is the flow from thought to thing. The more connected you are, the easier thoughts can flow into things. In other words, the easier and quicker the universe can deliver your dream.

You have innate control of this connection – you are the captain of your ship and you can consciously make choices, on a moment to moment basis, that either connect or disconnect you.

If your resolution is to connect to who you really are, this is not a one-time thing. You must intentionally make this connection every day, until you reach an energetic and emotional threshold where that connection clicks for good. It does take effort, but once you fully connect, it is easy to stay connected and, in fact, life becomes effortless. This is what we have all been seeking.

The key to this resolution is to make your connection to your Real Self the most important aspect of every day, and to make your relationship with your Real Self the most important relationship that you have – because it is.

It is extremely beneficial to have a practice, such as breath-work, meditation or yoga, that helps connect you to your source-self, but this article is not about that; I will leave your personal practice up to you. This article is a step by step guide that will show you how to wake up, get connected and stay connected in real, every day, life.

If you haven’t been living a connected life, at first it may feel uncomfortable or challenging to get connected, but that is only because you are not accustomed to it, but keep going. After a while, disconnection from who you really are will be so obvious and uncomfortable that you will stop everything in order to get connected.

When you do feel dis-connected, pause what you are doing, and partake in whatever is necessary in order to get reconnected. A common excuse is, “I don’t have time,” but that is like saying I don’t have time to find my car keys so I will walk thirty miles to work. Your connection to who you really are is the key to your full awakening, and creating the life that you dream, desire and deserve. Nothing is more important.

Symptoms of disconnection include: fear, stress, overwhelm, worry, feeling unloved, unworthy, alone, and basically any emotion that feels uncomfortable. Signs that you are connected include: feeling exhilarated, creative, joyful, engaged, enthusiastic, peaceful, loving, and feeling really good for no external reason at all.

Your New Year’s Resolution Program

Connecting to who you really are does not happen overnight. Despite what we may hope and believe, spontaneous awakening is not the norm. Waking up and getting connected requires consistent intention and attention over a period of time. To support you best, I have created a 12 part guide, with each section providing an essential key that will help you get connected and stay connected.

On the path to connecting with your Real Self there is no failure – so just do your best, and remember each day is a new day, and you have unlimited “do overs.” Above all, be kind to yourself, as you use this guide to support your journey to awakening to Who You Really Are!

1. Master Your Mind

Your greatest resource is not time, money or investments. Your greatest resource is your energy. Not just the energy necessary to get through the day, but rather the vibrational energy that makes you who you are. The universe in which we live is one of vibration, and vibration is also what creates each of us.

Your vibrational energy always measures somewhere on a scale between high and low. On the low end of the scale, one is down or depressed. On the high end of the scale, one is radiant – life shines brilliantly through the one whose vibration is high. There is a direct correlation between your vibration and how connected you are. When you are disconnected, your vibration is low, while the more connected you are, the higher your vibration. Intentionally raising your vibration is a powerful way in which to get connected, so this is where we will start on your journey to being who you really are.

Thought is key.

If we were to reverse engineer human vibration, we would observe that our vibration is effected by our emotions, and our emotions are precipitated by our thoughts. Therefore, we can say that thoughts influence vibration. This is great news, because our thoughts are really the only thing that we have any control over. Since you cannot think negative thoughts and have a positive vibration, the first call to action is mastering your mind.

Your thoughts and imagination are priceless technology and you are meant to be the controller, but if you don’t take intentional command of this internal technology it is easy for outside sources to take over. Reclaiming your mental powers might be new to you, so don’t get discouraged if it feels like your mind has a mind of its own or your thinking is like a runaway train.

It does take time and practice to master your mind, but there is nothing in the world of greater value in order to raise your vibe and get connected. You cannot expect anything in your life to change or improve until you claim the most important power that you have – your power to think and your discernment in what thoughts to believe and give energy to through your attention.

Resolving to change negative thinking can be overwhelming, but you don’t need to change all your thinking at once in order to experience a shift. Simply, begin by eliminating “that one negative thought” – you know the thought. It is the repetitive negative thought that you think every day. The one that brings you down and makes you feel bad. Be careful not to replace this one thought with an equally debilitating thought. Once you have mastered this one thought, move on to negative thought number two, and so on….

Maybe there is a series of negative thoughts that you can group together and choose to eliminate, for example, judgmental thoughts. Because judgment excludes, rejects and pushes away, it is a quick method for disconnection. Sometimes we use judgment to motivate ourselves or others, but it is ineffective because it actually de-motivates – you cannot be motivated when you are not connected.

The way to release judgment and most negative thinking is simply allowing yourself to be who you are, exactly as you are now, and allowing others to be who they are. You don’t have to accept anything about anyone, simply allow, and see what happens. As you simply watch your thoughts, you become the Watcher of Thought – a non-judgmental observer who is closely aligned with your higher self. In this way, you can begin to unmask the ego.

Remember, thoughts are not things until you believe them. It is up to you to believe thoughts that support you and release thoughts that keep you asleep.

Don’t under estimate the Power of Positive Intention. For example, practicing gratitude automatically shifts your thoughts in such a way that your vibration naturally rises, and you become connected. Just as judgment quickly disconnects you from your Self, gratitude is a powerful path to connection.

It is very helpful to notice what thoughts make you feel connected and what thoughts immediately disconnect you. If you can track your thoughts and understand the direct relationship between thoughts and connection, you have gained an immense power that will allow you to become master of your mind – which is exactly the way the Real You intended it to be.

2. Free Yourself

Your connection to who you really are is intrinsic and guaranteed. There is really nothing to do in order to connect. In fact, the real secret to connection is undoing all the things, thoughts, stories and beliefs that have disconnected you because they are out of alignment with who you really are. In order to reclaim your connection you must free yourself and everything that has interfered with that connection.

Freeing yourself means Letting Go.

Letting go is an unraveling process, and you can begin anywhere in your life. You can practice letting go of things that no longer serve you. You can let go of relationships that no longer support you. Or, you can let go of everything – every day. Letting go does not mean that you must go off and live in the woods; in fact, you don’t necessarily have to give away anything when you let go. In letting go, you are letting go of attachment – to anything that has imprisoned you, in any way.

If you are honest with yourself, you already know what needs to be released.

For years, I went through a process of mentally letting go of everything in my life, including my cherished children and even my life’s purpose, but in letting go, all my relationships improved and my life took on a greater clarity. In letting go, I freed myself energetically and emotionally, and as a result, I got plugged in to a higher way of living and relating to others – and even myself.

We are not meant to grasp onto life. Life is meant to be lived through us, and the only way that can happen is if we let go. Letting go is not giving up. Just the opposite. When you let go, that which you truly desire can come to you in the best possible way.  So, don’t be afraid to let go. In letting go, you automatically connect to your true self and then everything good can flow to you in ways that you never could have imagined. Letting go is magic. Yes, it takes practice but you can do it.

When you completely let go, you are instantly connected. Try this for even five minutes a day. Let go of everything and see what happens.

3. Be True to Your Self

If you are trying to be someone other than who you are, you immediately disconnect from who you really are. The more your false self operates in your life, the more disconnected you become, and the lower your vibration.

You are a special and unique being in this world and you are meant to express your style and creativity. The more you allow yourself authentic expression, the more connected you are and the higher your vibration. This is the year to be yourself and create what you truly want to create.

Now is the time to use your voice. You cannot be your greatest or truest self without speaking your truth. When we stay closed and hide our truth, we cut ourselves off from evolving and becoming who we really are, while resolving to speak your truth gives you the ability to shine and teach others how to shine as well.

In order to connect to yourself, it is essential that you become Self-full. Most of us have been brainwashed to believe that putting yourself first makes you selfish, but this is furthest from the truth. When you put everyone before you, you become depleted and have little to give. When you resolve to put yourself first, you become someone who takes care of themselves to such a high regard that you have an abundance of love, clarity and energy for everyone else.

Don’t forget to have fun! A huge part of being yourself is having fun and doing things that make you feel good. In feeling good, you get connected because who you really are is joyful; so every time you reach for joy, you reach for your true self. What is that one thing that makes you feel connected more than anything else? For me, it is skiing deep, fresh powder through the trees. Sounds crazy, maybe, but this is where I “lose myself” and I get plugged into my Self. What is it for you? Walking in nature, music, dancing, tennis, sky diving, gardening – whatever it is, do your best to make it a regular practice because it is an essential shortcut to your connection.

There will come a time – once you become completely connected, you will become blissfully Self-Less. In becoming Self-less, all your needs and desires are fulfilled and you can put everyone first without compromising or sacrificing yourself in anyway. The path to getting there is through being Self Full, for as long as it takes. Now, you have some leverage to truly take care of yourself.

4. Open Your Heart to Receive

When we close our hearts, we disconnect from who we really are, and the more we open our hearts the more connected we become – the more love flows to and from us, and the higher our vibration.

Our first defense in protecting ourselves from real or imagined threats is often closing our hearts, but staying closed to the world is exhausting and counter-productive because it cuts off the energetic flow of who we really are. Yes, you do become vulnerable when you open your heart, but you also become strong and powerful – and most importantly, you stay connected.

It is not possible to authentically give or receive when our hearts are closed. Only through an open heart can we give unconditionally and without attachment, or needing something emotional in return. Often it is easier to give than receive because we must be even more open and vulnerable in order to fully receive. We are talking about receiving from others, as well as, receiving from the universe. Of course, the universe gives to us through the channel of those in our lives, so, if you cannot openly receive from others, you are also not receiving the good that you seek from the universe.

When your heart is closed, your flow is blocked, and you may experience overwhelm, exhaustion, resentment, and even prosperity issues in all areas of your life. By learning to receive, you allow yourself to get back into the flow of the universe which is always in a perfect cycle of giving and receiving.

This is the time to practice opening your heart to receiving. Notice all the places in your life that the abundant and loving universe is giving to you – and really accept these gifts. The more you can receive the more Life has to give.

Don’t worry so much about the giving part initially. Giving happens organically from an emotional state of self-fullness. When we are full, we overflow with the desire and means to give abundantly to the world. The problem has been that we have been taught to give before we have anything to give. If you are in need, and you give, you create more need for yourself – because you become depleted.

The key to giving is first receiving by plugging into the infinite flow of the universe.

Close your eyes, breathe, and imagine the energy of light flowing from the Infinite through the crown of your head and filling your whole body, and every cell in your body – with pure love.

5. Own Your Worth

Who you really are is unconditionally worthy, so as soon as you question, or try to prove your worth, you disconnect from your Self.

The world cannot, and will not, give you worth, because worth cannot be given. In fact, the search to prove your worth disconnects you from your intrinsic worth. I won’t get into all the reasons why most of us go through life feeling unworthy. It is enough to say that life programs us in this way, and that programming causes us to stay asleep and disconnected, but that program can be turned off, with your intention to do so.

You cannot be connected and question your worth at the same time.

Owning your worth is much simpler than it sounds, because there is really nothing to do. In fact, it just requires that you stop chasing the elusive carrot on the stick, by taking a permanent break from seeking worthiness. Claiming your worth is an undoing process, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but you can “un-do it” and the reward is great.

First, notice all the ways in life that you might be trying to prove your worth. Just notice them – without judging yourself. Self-judgment is another way we disconnect ourselves, so skip the self-judgment and just observe.

The next step is beginning to dis-entangle your identity and your life from issues of worth. You dis-entangle by taking your energy and attention away from it – and releasing all the stories you tell yourself about your worth. Giving energy to worthiness feeds and perpetuates the issue.

Remove your energy from worthiness and unworthiness loses power and dissolves.

The bottom-line is unworthiness is an illusion, therefore, trying to prove worth is living a lie. We have been trying to heal feelings of unworthiness by “being more and doing more,” but you don’t overcome the lie by trying to fix the lie. You overcome the lie (illusion) by withdrawing your energy.

You resolve the issue of unworthiness by turning your back on it – over and over again, for as many times as it takes, until it is gone forever.

We are talking about emotionally detoxing from unworthiness, and ending the cycle of “not enough.” We are talking about releasing yourself from an imaginary prison that has probably effected your whole life. The thing is, no one is keeping you in this prison, and only you have the keys to open the door and the needed courage to step out.

Knowing and owning your unconditional worth as a powerful and special being in the universe plugs you in, and aligns you with a high vibration. When you are no longer pursuing paths or people in order to feel good about your-self, you become empowered and connected. You also become free to live your life as the Real You intended to live.

Imagine how your life will change from a state of Knowing Your Intrinsic Worth.

6. Claim Your Power

There is a direct correlation between owning your power and your connection to who you really are. The more you own your power, the more connected you are. When you give your power away through self-sacrifice, not speaking your truth, putting yourself last, doing one thing in order to get another, not following your inner guidance, hiding behind others or repressing or diminishing yourself in any way, you immediately disconnect.

A huge clue to understanding where you give your power away is to notice where you give your energy away and where you become emotionally drained. The places in your life where you feel as if you are losing energy, are likely the same places where you are giving away your power. Is it in a relationship, work situation, organization, etc…? Maybe you own your power in some situations or relationships but not in others. You give your power away anytime you believe that someone has something that you need, and you alter your behavior in such a way that you compromise your integrity. If you could “get out of your own way,” your intrinsic power would flow to you – and through you.

You get out of your own way by “not doing” all the things you do that stop the flow of this infinite power. This power naturally flows until we do something that impedes the flow. Your thoughts, beliefs and actions are so powerful that they have the ability to cut you off from this immense Power Source. That should show you how powerful you really are; you have the power to stop the flow of the universe in your body and in your life!

If you listen, your inner voice will tell you exactly where you are not standing in your power and being true to yourself. This time is dedicated to listening to that all-knowing voice and taking inspired action in your life that allows you to reclaim your power, thereby connecting to who you really are.

Above all, do not give your power away in exchange for anything, including love, approval and rewards, or to avoid conflict. When you give your power away, you disconnect and nothing and no one is worth the loss of connection to who you really are.

7. Power of Choice

You cannot be awake and stay connected without exercising your power of choice. Your power to choose is your power to consciously create your life. When we don’t consciously choose, life chooses for us and we allow the world to keep us asleep.

Being awake and connected to who you really are means that you must make conscious choices in your life. This can be as simple as choosing what thoughts to believe. When you remember that no one can control what thoughts you think, and what thoughts you believe, your power to choose exponentially expands.

When you make conscious choices, through your thoughts, intentions and inspired actions, your life responds accordingly and you become aligned with not only who you really are, but also with your highest and best possible destiny.

The Power of Choice has two “secret weapons” – the power to say yes and the power to say no.

The Power of No!
Giving yourself permission to say no allows you to set boundaries in your life – to do what you want to do and not do what you do not want to do. The choice to say no allows you stay in alignment, and in integrity, with who you really are. When you fail to say no, when you really want to, you immediately disconnect from your Self, and your vibration lowers. This is why if feels so bad when we don’t follow that inner guidance.

The Power of Yes!
Virtually everything you desire that you don’t already have exists outside your comfort zone. Saying “Yes” allows you to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. As you follow your inner guidance by saying yes, you might experience some discomfort at first, but as you follow the lead of your higher self, you will become more connected to yourself and to life.

Every choice should be prefaced with the question, “Will this disconnect me or connect me?”

If your number one intention is to be connected, your choices become crystal clear.

8. Give Yourself Time

Imagine a life where you have more than enough time. Here is a real-life magic trick; when you slow down and get off the adrenaline roller coaster, you will discover that everything still gets done and maybe even gets done better. We think that time is the same for everyone, all the time, but this is an illusion. Time morphs according to our thoughts and feelings at any given moment.

When you slow down, life slows down.

Because life responds to your lead, you must give to life what you want in return. A rushed life is a mirror for rushed energy. If you want more time, you must align with a feeling of having “all the time in the world.” This might also mean that you stop measuring your life by ticking years, and you consciously choose to become Ageless.

The key to creating more time is being present in the moment.

When you are present, you are connected. It is impossible to have one without the other. A quick fix to getting connected at any moment is to become present. Stop what you are doing. Take a deep breath. See, hear, smell, taste, feel – drop into now. Being present is an extreme sensory experience. When you are present, sight improves, hearing heightens, taste is delicious and your sense of touch and being touched is sensational.  Presence precipitates bliss, peace and even ecstasy.

9. Inner Guidance System

How you feel at any given moment is your inner guidance system communicating with you. Everyone has an inner guidance system (intuition, gut feeling, sense of knowing), but many of us have been “trained” not to listen, but that training has taken us away from one of the most important gifts that we have. Your Inner guidance system is like your telephone to who you really are. If you want to be connected, then you must use this “phone system” on a daily basis.

Your inner guidance system speaks to you through emotional energy.

Because who you really are is joyful, moving in the emotional direction of joy moves you closer to connecting to your Real Self. If you are in emotional pain, in any way, it is an indication that you are thinking thoughts that are not aligned with thoughts that your Real Self would think, and the pain you feel is a result of disconnection. It is also that pain that will eventually cause you to let go of the lower vibration thoughts that create separation – and eventually you will move toward feeling better. This is your Real Self navigating you by means of your inner guidance system.

Often we come to crossroads in life and we don’t know which way to turn, but your inner guidance system does and it will guide you through the form of tangible energy; if you follow this energy you will always be guided. In other words, when we are meant to take inspired action or move in a certain direction, we have the physical energy to do so, because the flow of the universe connects with us and through us to give us tangible energy. You can even imagine different choices and feel if you have the energy or not, before ever taking action. If you lack energy to move in a certain direction, listen to this insight.

Forcing yourself to do something when it doesn’t feel right immediately disconnects you, while listening to that wise inner voice, strengthens your connection to who you really are.

Your inner guidance system will tell you when you are connected and when you are not. Just pay attention to your feelings, and if you are not connected, ask yourself how to get connected, or what you need to “stop doing” in order to get connected. The more you listen, the stronger your intuitive voice will become.

In order to hear your voice, quiet down and be still. You cannot hear your voice in the midst of outward chaos or inward chatter. It is in your highest interest to spend time every day with the intention of listening to your Wise Self.

10. Master Your Emotions

Our emotions drive us and they are directly responsible for our vibration, and therefore, whether or not we are connected.

There are two primary elements to mastering your emotions. The first is meeting your own emotional needs and the second is owning your emotional reactions.

Give to yourself what you have been seeking from others:

Do you desire acceptance, understanding, appreciation, compassion? Whatever it is, give it to yourself. If you need others to meet your emotional needs, you give your power away, and you disconnect from who you really. Being emotionally needy lowers your vibration – this is why it feels so bad, and rarely even works. How can the universe meet your emotional needs, if you are vibrating at a low level where the high vibration of love cannot easily flow? Ask yourself, what emotional need am I lacking? If it is appreciation, for example, set your intention to appreciate yourself, and take inspired action that supports self-appreciation. You might also want to give appreciation to others as well – the more you give something away, the easier it can come back to you.

Give up emotional addictions:

What is your most common reaction when things go wrong? Frustration, impatience, guilt, regret, etc…? What you may not realize is that when we develop emotional patterns of reacting certain ways, we become magnets for situations that cause us to react those ways. First determine your emotional addiction and then make the choice not to react in this way despite provocation. At first, you may still experience situations that provoke the addicted reaction, but after days or weeks, you will have broken the emotional addiction and life will respond by no longer irking you in that same way.

Here is a challenge: Instead of responding with your personal emotional addiction when things go wrong, what would happen if you responded with the emotion that fulfills your emotional need. For example, if your addiction is frustration and your emotional need is understanding, instead of getting frustrated when things go wrong, you respond with understanding.

Finally, the Magic of Love is always available to you. By choosing love, you immediately connect because who you really are is love. The more you give love, the more life will love you in return. If you only do one thing this year, let it be to Practice Love.

11. Pay Attention to Life

What is fundamentally you is not separate from the outside world. You are everything. You are the whole universe – every flower, every molecule, all the good and all the bad. You are not just a temporary extension of life, you are the infinite expression of life itself. Believing that we are separate from life alienates us from the very life that we are. Waking up to who you really are, means waking up to life – your life.

Many of us go through life asking for what we desire, and this is fine, but do we ever stop to ask, “What is life asking of me?” Did you know that life is speaking directly to you every hour of every day, but most of us are oblivious to this two way conversation?

Often, we want to know what is in our subconscious minds, but there is no mystery to this, because your subconscious mind is constantly and accurately projecting itself out onto the screen of your life. The key is to pay attention to your life. What would happen if you resolved to pay attention to your life?

When you drop your rationalizations and justifications for who you are, or for life being the way it is, what is your life telling you? Who is life asking you to become?

By paying attention to your life, you have the power to receive valuable information – making your life the best it can be. The more connected you are to life, the more connected you are period.

Take time to really listen. Imagine that life has a voice – what is life saying to you now?

12. Take 100% Responsibility

Waking up also means that you focus on the areas of your life where you are not conscious – and you become conscious. The issues in your life are presented to you in order to direct your attention in such a way that you do wake up. Pain and discomfort are powerful wake up calls. The problems in our personal lives and in the world are intrinsically designed to awaken us. That is the point

It is not enough to just pay attention to your life, in order to be fully connected, you must also be 100 % responsible for your life.

Every time we blame someone or something for our issues or problems, we not only give our power away, we become disconnected from who we really are.  In order to stay connected, you must be responsible for your life, and everything in it.

The final key to connection is claiming responsibility – your full ability to respond to life.

When you completely own your power, you take responsibility for everything in your experience; this includes everything that directly happens in your life, as well as everything that you are even conscious of in the world. Nothing is happening outside of you; everyone and everything is a reflection of you. This means that there is no blaming others for doing or not doing things – without blaming the world, anger, frustration and a host of other disconnecting/low vibration emotions are no longer provoked.

If something is not working in your life, you must look inside yourself to find the corresponding “inner cause” of outer-trouble, and shift it. From a higher state of consciousness, you find the dis-harmony in yourself and you harmonize it.

Even though you are responsible for your experience of reality, you are not responsible for others. This means that you allow others to be exactly as they are – without trying to fix or change anyone for any reason.

The key to effective self-responsibility is to shift yourself in such a way that the outside world responds accordingly and ultimately becomes more harmonious. You do this by mastering your thoughts and emotions, letting go of negativity, expressing yourself, being at choice in your mind and in your actions, listening to your inner guidance, and always responding from a place of intrinsic power. This is your dynamic recipe for getting connected, being connected and staying connected.

Happy New Year!

As you live your life from the state of wholeness, you gain an abundance of everything truly important in life – that abundance naturally overflows, so that you have enormous gifts to contribute. But of all the gifts the greatest one is showing others, through example, how to connect with who they really are. This is your most sacred purpose.

You make the biggest difference in the world when you live from the exalted state of True Selfhood, and you cherish, nurture and honor this state, above all else. This is what it means to be the change you wish to see in the world!


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Author: Nanice Ellis / Wake up World