A journey to the last Shangri-La

The search for Shangri-la has come to symbolize the pursuit of happiness inside one’s heart more than a geographic location. But what if someone traveled to the origin of the mythical paradise to find the secret to happiness? And what if they shared that journey with the world through a stunning international photo exhibition?

That’s exactly what is occurring today.

Join motivational speaker, photographer, author and FIFA agent Donaldo Barros during his day journey to Bhutan. Sponsored by the non-profit Choki, Donaldo is traveling to one of the most inaccessible and unknown destinations in the world.

Why is he undertaking this dangerous and arduous journey? To find the secret of true happiness and use it to inspire positive change in the world.

The images that will return with him are from places never photographed. The spiritual awaking could be stunning. Between his photos and observations, the lessons shared could help transform a world rife with conflict.

During his journey, Donaldo will explore some of the most sacred sites of Bhutan, while conveying what he learns daily on social media. Barros hopes that his visit to the land of the “Thunder Dragon” will encourage people to learn about Bhutanese teachings from the place that has the highest happiness quotient in the world.

“People have become bitterly cynical and so many believe that the world cannot be changed for the good,” said Barros. “Going to Bhutan gives me the opportunity to prove that the impossible exists until someone makes it possible. During my trip, I hope to find answers as to how we can change the world in a positive way. This trip is my contribution in my efforts to do so.”

Barros will begin in the spiritual center of Punakha where he will visit the classroom supported by Choki at the Nalanda Buddhist Institute. There, he will spend several days learning from the lamas and interacting with the monks. Then, he will head north venturing to Gasa within the highlands of the Himalayas. He will spend the next 19 days trekking old footpaths to sites that are treasures of this world. His trusty camera will chronicle the journey while his blog entries will share his transformation.

Choki is collaborating with Donaldo Barros on this journey to benefit the Bhutanese community and the world. Donaldo will document his trip through social media and a series of photos that will be the basis of a traveling exhibit later this year. Through Donaldo’s vision, Choki hopes to create an appreciation of the Bhutanese people by communicating their beliefs and values to what can create true happiness with the world.

Travel with us through his journey at our Facebook page or our Instagram. We will see you on the trail with Donaldo.

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